5 Reasons StellarX Is A GAME CHANGER! [Stellar Exchange Review/ Walk-Through]

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Watch this video to find out why StellarX is a game changer for cryptocurrency!

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How StellarX Will Take Over The World

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5 Reasons StellarX Is A GAME CHANGER! [Stellar Exchange Review/ Walk-Through]

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  1. Can you have a look into LFE (London football exchange) currently in ITO and will be a tokenised ecosystem around ‘soccerand have a lot of promising partnerships. Could really change the way we pay for tickets and merchandise in the sporting industry by saving friction costs, really could be revolutionary!

  2. It looks a lot like localbitcoin but with the great and more secure stellar protocol. Also a great alternative to coinbase. I don’t think it’s a real game changer per say, decentralized exchanges is the 2018-2019 new modo and we see it pop everywhere.

  3. I’m a trader so the only things that i’m interesting in are decentralized exchanges with the ability to make limit and stop orders and margin selling.
    En tous cas, having more and more decentralized exchanges and solid ones, are still great news for the entire ecosystem.

  4. Thanks for the insightful video per usual my guy! Will the XLM tokens be to Stellar X what the BNB tokens are to Binance? Will the XLM tokens have any function on the site or is StellarX not at all dependent on the XLM tokens? Si non, how will StellarX increase the value of the XLM tokens?

  5. Im preparing to add heavily!! Ive just been Holding what I have and will actually be bringing my average up on #Bitcoin!!

  6. Altcoin Daily hitting that like button is the least we can do for the in-depth and genuine content that you provide! A million thanks to you!

  7. Thanks for bringing great videos everyday.. So is this platform have anything to do with Stellar lumens.XML?

  8. this platform have anything to do with Stellar lumens.XML
    Seems like that is the situationXLM seems to be the primary token for transactions on the platform. En d'autres termes, it seems like users need to hold (Acheter) XLM, at least once, in order to enter to StellarX environment. Like getting into the crypto space via Coinbaseyou have to tranfer fiat into one of the currencies they offer. I don’t no if StellarX can handle transfering FIAT into XLM but that would be nice and may be on the horizon if it is not already a capability.

    Généralement, this is just exciting stuff! Almost as exciting as when I first learned about Bitcoin back when it cost less than $10USD and I had no idea how to buy it nor did I have $$ to do so… bien, now I have plenty to invest and Stellar/XLM/Stronghold seem like the future. Research itBut itHold it.

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