5 Bitcoin INDICATEURS MUST-WATCH RÉVÉLÉ! BTC Lune ou Doom? Litecoin LTC BCH Altcoins

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5 Bitcoin INDICATEURS MUST-WATCH RÉVÉLÉ! BTC Lune ou Doom? Litecoin LTC BCH Altcoins

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  1. Gr8 to see you back @FUD TV ❗ I regret to inform you that Krown DOESN’T EVEN BELIEVE IN Elliott 👋and he ADMITTEDLY works for ‘they 😲😮😰

  2. Terrific vid guys!!! I am more enlightened. I am now of a more wait and see position after watching this vid. I do figure some Retracement however it will be in the minimal to low medium range (OMI). I really appreciate you guys.

  3. Might want to reconsider that Vneck. But otherwise at least the traps are coming in.

  4. Who invited forest gump to the show? Lol jk man love both of y’all

  5. Do not miss) Some of these days they opened one more round of ICO Telegram gramcrypto.info/ico It is really standing coin! I advise everyone to have it in the investment portfolio! There will be many X-es)

  6. You both add a lot to this space individually but together you add even more.
    Together you provide a simple to understand and coherent view of the crypto space

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