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Today we go over some Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News!

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****Not Financial Advice! Just Opinion!

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  1. Great new ….
    We all know crypto will be HUGE in the next 5/10 years that’s why I’m for very long hold
    Im.following the rule BUY IN THE DIPS …. AND ENJOY THE RIDE….
    Thank u for the video…..

  2. Always liking the videos – 1st time comment! Thanks for all the news. Very informative chanel. See you guys on the Moon. If you guys have a twitter feed please forward how to add you on it. Bless up!

  3. I agree because my Tarot Card reading says, I will be making a big purchase close to the end of the year due to large some of money coming in.😊🤑

  4. All I can say after watching just over half this video is….. God I hope that Australian guy is correct! lol

  5. i have a feeling the next 3 ou 4 days are crucial, can we jump back over 6400, if we do, we may move a lot higher back up towards 8000

  6. Only problem with robinhood is you cant send, receive or spend ur crypto they hold it like stock. Until u can send and receive or make payments its worthless

  7. have you ever been thinking wish someone called that coin out to me before it pumped, most coins are valued on there Circulating supply that being said finding a coin with good daily trading with low CS plus low price is very hard to find, well I have that coin. DTRC has 127M CS currenlt $0.003

  8. Les mecs, we’re building a tool to measure market sentiment using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data gained from social media. You can become a Beta Tester now. It’s for free, we only ask for feedback: augmento.ai

  9. Bulls always dreaming and hoping to get a lambo. Learn yourself to trade and there is np to make money. You all wishing some idiots pay 20k again fot btc. It isn´t worth that yet, as crypto starts to be relyable and has a real life usage then we can expect to see a real increase in demand, instead of kids just buying btc in the hope they get a lambo. That´s not how a market or comodities work

  10. I’m seeing a crypto-run (peut-être) late Nov/Deceven that, will depend if the PPT wants this to pump or notit will correlate w the dumping of the stock market. So long as the PPT/Central Bank wants to support the current fiat system, they won’t allow BTC to run (they need to discourage investment in crypto-sector)…even though they, themselves are stealthily buying up/positioning themselves.

    Aussi, they do not want BTC to run until they have serious controls in place, as they fully intend to be Our controllers (as they are the controllers of the current fiat system).

    It Bytes…je connais…wish it wasn’t so…mais, without a Black-Swan EVENT, this is how I see it rolling out

    Most likely, the Boom in the Cryptosphere will directly correlate w a Bust in the Fiatsphere.

    ***this is not financial advicemy projection only.

  11. only very few coins i will be taking profit by end of year the rest for at least 2 years when btc is like 100k+ that means alt will be insace prices in a 100k btc

  12. How about TRAVALA? They are launching alpha verion on 18th of july. Travel/book hotels up to 40% cheaper with Travala tokens 👌✌ only 0.13$ per token is a steal!
    Project built on NEO blockchain looks promissing

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