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Bitcoin Tekninen analyysi & Bitcoin News Today: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Katso video lisätietoja!

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Carl Eric Martin (Kuu)



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35 kommentit

  1. Gold to the moon!! Will btc also follow gold as a hedge?! The time to find out is now. Well in a few months anyway

  2. It won’t be long until we see the $100 Million dollar bill that isn’t worth the paper that it’s printed on. Buy bitcoin.

  3. Does anyone here feel that Satoshi Nakamoto isnt real and bitcoin was created by the Fed as a testing ground for the new monetary system in the future?

  4. What a great Gig the Feds have! Create currency from thin air, make it the only legal way to purchase goods & palvelut, Then buy the world with it. We are the dumb ones, not them.

  5. Back when Carl had only 5000 subscribers, I subscribed from his intro closure….”I think you should definitelywatchthisvide…..”

  6. Once bitcoin starts to go up, investors will jump in to recoup their loses, then prices will flair.

    Best time to buy is now.

  7. It should also be pointed out that the volume since the -50% dump massively increased and there are tons of activity going on. Binance futures trading like madness as well based on the volumes.

  8. The FED needs to stop these irrational moves. This can be catastrophic to our economy. Allowing corporations to fail is fine . Why fix what keeps breaking? I understand 1000s of jobs would be on the line but we can recover from that let a new company take over the position and let the fittest survive. If the FED keeps dumping money into corporations that continuously fail America could collapse…. I’d rather a Corp fail than the USA.

  9. The first time I heard the wordImminentin the crypto space was from you. I think you should reclaim it. Great videos!

  10. @Torrey Kimball This isn’t talked about by any YouTuber. I’m just a HODL’er but what withholds the FED to just buy up a massive amount of BTC? They’re a lot of things but not stupid

  11. The real question here is, if you knew that in January, what would you have expected the price of Bitcoin?!!
    I think It should be already ATH !

  12. I’m pretty sure that’s true.
    They realised that every kid and every pothead who never had a job would invest in bitcoin to get rich quick.
    Therefore it would make all sense in the world to give those kids power over the monetary system and as a result the world economy.
    After all everyone knows that teenagers know best.
    BOOM!!! mind blowing
    Bitcoin to the Moooooon!!!!
    You guys gonna be all trillionairs despite you never had a job or created one.

  13. @The Moon If the FED can just print money why would they not drive down price of btc to 1k get everyone to sell, expect a few hundred hodlers, and buy the blockchain?

  14. Carl, hyvä video! I think you can start new series of videos, in what you provide some education about economy. I’m sure a lot of people would like it!

  15. At this point it would be impossible to ever have a recession, With unlimited funds the Fed will just keep buying everything up. The markets are already rallying like crazy even though most companies are shut down with massive layoffs. I wonder what the long term repercussions will be from all this….

  16. FB thought they could shove their coin down our throats and spoil a good thing. No one said central banking was part of feds and soon they wont be a part of anything either. That leaves bitcoin.

  17. J G brah you cant look at the month of the crash. Its a long term strat. However currently gold is strongest. Basically back to recent highs while everything else is -20,-25% from previous highs

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