Failed Run Or A Throwback?

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Bitcoin Tekninen analyysi & Crypto News Today: Bitcoin is falling and is forming what could be a throwback. Is this what the Bitcoin price is forming? Hyvin, let's take a look at that. Myös, I'll use technical analysis to point out some support and resistance line in the Bitcoin chart. Lisäksi, I want to talk about the"Starbucks news". Niin, watch the video to learn more!

0:55 The Fall & The Support
4:18 Army Of Red Candles
10:35 Throwback?
19:36 Starbucks


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Failed Run Or A Throwback?

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  1. Hello guys.
    I continue to be bullish on this fake theater they create . I’m looking to get in on 6819 – 6850 area.I am not bullish, i am EXTRA MAMMOTH.

  2. Have you noticed how in 2017 bullish news effected price in a bullish market. kuitenkin, sisään 2018 in a bearish market that bullish news has no effect on priceI think this highlights the need to rely on TA even more in a bearish market.

  3. I think there was a major sell-off in the OTC market which cascaded to the retail market. There is so much manipulation going on it makes TA useless (in my opinion). With all the positive fundamentals in play, the whales (pigs, aivan sama…) are quelling the bullish momentum in order to buy back in at a lower price in anticipation of some major news. This is a brutal attempt at flushing out the weak hands in the marketallowing for more short-term gains to be achieved. If the price tanks below $6850.00, then I’m going to be buying more BTC. aikovat!

  4. If the ETF is not approved, we will go to 6400 tai 5700. If it is approved, it might end this descend. Even a delay in decision will bring BTC down. 😥

  5. Hal Staniloff Don’t know what TA you are doing but mine said we were going lower. And we are going even lower.

  6. think this is just weekend madness disigned by manipulators and bots nothing real worrying

  7. Carl, I respect your ability and integrity to admit when you were wrong or made a mis-step. I appreciate your insight and enjoy your content. I’m learning from you at a distance. First time hearing of a throwback. Interesting concept. I’m still new to the TA side, really all of it! Hyvää päivän jatkoa.

  8. Crypto Jebb, you are toocarefull”, i feel that you are much more optimistic in reality. And it is very good, bitcoin will pump hard in next 48hours

  9. Hei Carl, there was another 7 red flags in a row in the 8th September of 2017 . Just before the rally that ended in the 20k. Regards from Barcelona.

  10. Hei Carl – Thanks for the great TA as always. BTC went on it’s biggest bull run after the last 7 day of candles so this could be very bullish! Btw I think we will fly up on Monday!

  11. Interesting video again! Kiitos!

    Tone Vays bearish! Alessio Rastani and Crypto Jebb bullish! ‘Ugly Old Goatsays keep ‘portion of ammunition dry’! I’m holding whatever in case of repeat 2008 fractional reserve banking crises!

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