Voi Bitcoin murtaa?? | ETF päivitys! | 1,000,000% Inflation In Venezuela

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Bitcoin Tekninen analyysi & Crypto News Today: Bitcoin has been going up lately, but where is the resistance? I'll take a look at some support and resistance in this video, along with some Bitcoin moving averages. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Myös, I'll cover some ETF news and some Venezuela currency crisis news. Katso video lisätietoja!

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0:45 BTC Tekninen analyysi
7:25 200-Day MA
12:22 General Market Analysis
16:05 ETF päivitys
18:42 Venezuela Hyperinflation Update

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Voi Bitcoin murtaa?? | ETF päivitys! | 1,000,000% Inflation In Venezuela

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  1. 2 views , 114 tykkää, 2 dislikes.
    This will serve as a ‘ last time I was this earlythe counter glitch ‘ joke for the future

  2. I wake up, make coffee and then watch you. kiitos Carl. Just be who you areyou have a wealth of knowledge on so many levels. Love to listen to you because you are authentic. Not many people in the Crypto world can say this, some try to get likes by screaming announcements to get attention.

  3. Dr StrangerThings BEFORE end of year Dr….DIGIBYTE AWARENESS ⚡💲💲🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮 Top 10 on coinmrktcap in end of 2019

  4. BITCOIN MAXIMALIST loving your commentary here. thanks for keeping your head on your shoulders. so many people losing their heads in this space.

  5. There are still important levels of resistance we need to pass such as 8800,. 9200, 10k and obv 11800. Lets see how it goes.Monthly candle is looking good though!

  6. 👍
    Now that lightening network is working and expanding quickly, very soon most of altcoins will be useless because you can add all those features that they are claiming to the bitcoin with unlimited scaling

  7. XRP Volume will increase in August due to the Japanese SBI groupSo I have moved my remaining btc into Ripple XRP

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