BTC BREAKOUT?! | NANO Is CRUSHING It! Altcoin Boom Incoming??

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Bitcoin Tekninen analyysi & Bitcoin News Today: Is the Bitcoin price trying to break out? There is a rising wedge forming in the bitcoin chart. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Myös, the altcoin NANO is on a bull run. I'll do some NANO technical analysis for you and I'll also talk about what the NANO run-up might potentially mean for the altcoins and the bitcoin dominance. Niin, watch the video to learn more!

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1:02 Rising Wedge
4:40 Triple Bottom Update
9:12 NANO
19:13 General Market Analysis

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BTC BREAKOUT?! | NANO Is CRUSHING It! Altcoin Boom Incoming??

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  1. I think there is actually a lot of suppressed bull sentiment. Data dash recently reported a conversation with an over the counter agent who said it was difficult to find seller to match all the buyers. I suspect the bear market has already ended even though it isn’t yet reflected in the price.

  2. The shorts are already way over extended. Jos 90 percent of people in investing lose money then 90 percent of people are wrong. Always bet against the short/long chart.

  3. any chance you’ll tell us which alts you’re scaling into? or is that more of a patreon thing.

  4. This market is so manipulatess, it make the stock market look like child’s play. Lots of misinformation outn there. Whales are absolutely crushing it. What they don’t realize that whales always get hunted and the SEC is sharpening their harpoons. Can’t wait to taste some whale meat soon.

  5. 1. You don’t need cap locks, we can read properly thank you 🙂
    2. You don’t make any sense. If whales are exhausted right now and can’t short against the current BTC holders, meaning a bottom has been reached, there is no point shorting further, that is when bear whales turn bullish and buy at the bottom. Myös, short are well over extended and quite exposed to liquidation. In my opinion those shorts are to cover their longs.

  6. suuri vid – Cheers Carl !!! 🙂

    ha – NANO – ha – KUU…AND BACKPerhaps my analysis isnt as pants as I think, cos you said what I was thinking… !!! 🙂

  7. I’ve been involved with crypto for about a year now. I had two channels I used routinely. Once I saw yours and listened a few times, your channel is now my first go-to
    reference channel. You appear to have a pretty good grip on the space, TA, and related issues. You have some good analysis in a factual presentation, without a lot of this pseudo-entertainment style hype that goes along with other presentations. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

  8. if you think that that sounds interestingi like the way you say it before hehe. anyway, insightful analysis as always.

  9. Appreciate your knowledge and wisdom Carl. Would love to know what alt coins your picking up and basic strategy of investment. Thank you for the great content! Great work.

  10. I like how many people are thinking ‘nano classic pump and dump”. I still need time to accumulate. They’ll be back in 2019 buying nano off me for $50

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