BREAKOUT LÄHIAJAN!! | Stock Market Analysis & Is The Crash Coming Soon?

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Bitcoin Tekninen analyysi & Bitcoin News Today: The Bitcoin breakout is imminent according to the volume! I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Myös, is the stock market crash imminent? We've been talking about the FAANG stock bubble and that the S&P 500 is in a bubble. When will the stock market bubble pop? I'll also talk about the Venezuelan hyperinflation and the cryptocurrency Petro. Katso video lisätietoja!

1:05 Bitcoin Low Volume
6:00 The Petro
10:24 Pörssiromahdus

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BREAKOUT LÄHIAJAN!! | Stock Market Analysis & Is The Crash Coming Soon?

39 kommentit

  1. Look guys, its not rocket science…. crypto prices have bottomed waiting for the global currency reset . Just buy what you can. There, yksinkertainen.

  2. CEO of Amazon buys back his own stock. Reason why it is going high. Causes people to fomo. Company owners bought their own stocks using the government bailouts.

  3. Thank you Karl,
    Your Annalyse of « stock » market is as interesting as you crypto analyse. Pleas make some more 😉

  4. Carl, did you think about that the low volume bars are during weekends? Usually the price action picks up again on Mondays..

  5. They are SELLING thier own stocks through the company buy backs. Insider selling. A sign of an upcoming crash. They are bailing themselves out and letting the ship go down with the ship.

  6. Carl, your insight and delivery are so underrated. You are dropping high level stuff consistently. Thanks mate.

  7. Yes Carl more on stock market too just because it is reaching ATHs and is showing signs of cracks

  8. Hyvä video,
    I agree with everything you say about the inevitable global crash which is going to make 2008 look like a drop in the ocean.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. Crypto Kevin They are selling their own personal stock and buying with company money. Siksi, when stock crashes, they made all their own personal wealth and the investors are screwed.

  10. Fake, cheap money creates fake prosperity today by borrowing from the future” … one of the best quotes/analogies I’ve heard in a while. Great video carl! You are a beast

  11. They pump their own stock. What’s wrong with it? Well ya see they have funds to increase it and decrease it masively. But in a huge manipulated immoral way for the stockholders. I am thinking of it as insider inflating. Kind of like a pyramid scheme or the dollar. Not really sure but I can smell some similar previous market crash causing many to panic in the 20th century. Or great depression.

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