Breakout Coming Now?! | Bitcoin Adoption In Emerging Market Crisis!

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Bitcoin Tekninen analyysi & Bitcoin News Today: Is the Bitcoin price about the Breakout from this ascending triangle? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Lisäksi, I want to talk about the global financial collapse that is looming in the emerging markets. What do people do to hedge against their FIAT currencies? They buy Bitcoin, mahtavasti. Katso video lisätietoja!

0:35 Ascending Triangle
3:07 Rising Wedge & Correction?
5:56 Daily Perspective
8:10 Resistance Zone
9:27 200-Day Moving Average
11:51 General Market Analysis
14:40 Bitcoin Adoption In Global Crisis

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Breakout Coming Now?! | Bitcoin Adoption In Emerging Market Crisis!

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  1. Hi buddy, I’m from Venezuela, I’m very struck by the fact that you talk about our country’s currency very often. It’s nice coming from you to do it, but I don’t think our currency plays even a little role in world’s currency market, nor even crypto’s (due to the total fail for government to offer “Petro” to the crypto market). Greetings and keep up with the good work.

  2. Glad to see you’re not pandering to the myth that video’s should be 10mins or less. 20-30mins is IDEAL.

  3. Carl i wanne thank you for your vids. Im watching it every
    day. Hopefully we will moon together with all your followers. Greets from the netherlands

  4. Same old story..Put them in debt, devalue their currency, then the vultures move in and steal their resources. Sad.

  5. If your hyperinflation is creating a significant shift towards cryptos, then it plays a big role in many ways. Also that your hydro cost almost nothing is important too because it’s becoming unprofitable to mine bitcoin in a lot of other countries.

  6. You forgot brasil REAL it is falling for half a decade. Banks have been focused on companies/countries who are interested in growth over profits. Emerging markets getting rocked.

  7. +Robert Tomkinson Even so, there’s not too many people trading on crytocurrencies in Venezuela for many reasons (mainly due to lack of technology and knowledge about crypto’s world). Venezuelans use instead US Dollars to avoid local currency controls. Greetings

  8. South Africa in technical recession that is the breaking news this morning in South Africa….. Carl is on point about the economy.

  9. Carl, exciting video. I wasn’t sure how BTC would play out if the global mkt started to implode. This looks promising. THANK YOU CARL! Your the best part of my morning 🙂

  10. I search for similar scenario.
    Quite umusal, it needed a lot of trys to break followed by a very small Hain in comparison to the long time and with retesting old levels followed by Support and fast Rise.
    I think the reason for the extreme ressistance is that smar Money Knows we May break out very small, so win reward is terrile.
    It needed several high lows.
    And now i have no clue what is likely nor do i Know how this will continued.
    I thought if we falled back this would induce a much more bearish Outlook then we had yesterday.
    If Longs Know even if they break there is Res Just 70 Dollars above very weak Momentum at high levels would be the conclusion with price Maybe even fall directly through the old Area.

  11. Hello! Thanks for all your videos and effort to share with us, really appreciated! One thingwould you make a video to teach us on “how to short “ please? I had questions and doubts every time I try to short and get confused on the books. Thank once again!

  12. 14:34 for those that have been living under a rock or are just waking up from living in the matrix lol

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