Bithumb HACKED! Bitcoin Drops! [Bitcoin Tänään]

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Bitcoin Analysis & Bitcoin/Crypto News Today: Bithumb got hacked and the cryptocurrency market dumped. I use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to see where Bitcoin might go after this news. The Bithumb hack is bigger than the recent Coinrail hack, and I will talk about this in the video. Niin, want my Bitcoin price prediction? Katso video!

0:58 Viimeisimmät uutiset (Bithumb Hack)
6:24 Bitcoin Tekninen analyysi

CNBC Bithumb Hack:
Bithumb Website:
Cointelegraph Bithumb Hack:
Bithumb Twitter Post:

Bithumb HACKED! Bitcoin Drops! [Bitcoin Tänään]

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  1. Why they get hacked so easily. They ask for many securities even if we are checking our registered account. Its rediculus. If they cant secure exchanges they should quit. Shame on bithumb nd its programing security team.

  2. It should be interesting to see if BTC continues to drop on the Bithumb hack news as the US is just waking up on the East Coast now.

  3. This is not 2014 anymore clearly. When MtGOX announced it got hacked price fell on a greater scale than we are experiencing today.

  4. At what exchange does Zilliqa bargain? Yesterday a few tokens came from their airdrop

  5. Like your style man, always looking forward to your daily videos. Keep making those videos, you’ll be big! Kippis.

  6. Exchange hacks do NOT affect Bitcoin price !
    toiseksi, they are almost CERTAINLY not actualhacks” – just the usual inside jobs.

  7. I think these hacks are kind of planned one with agreement with exchange..i sense its very simple…esim. claim that 1000 BTC hackedwhen the rates are too low, buy some time like 6 months or yearslater on Repay the investors in equivalent of Fiat currency like USD when the rates sky rocketsso that one can settle the repayment with only 200 BTC and keep rest of 800 BTC….

  8. Like your videos BUT, you repeat yourself a lot. You could reduce length to three minutes if you made point and moved on.

  9. James Brooks dnt make useless excuses. They are the one to keep their exchanges safe. We are end users nd we hav right to ask about such issues and they have to explain wether they want or not.

  10. James Brooks I don’t, I use decentralized exchanges, for that reason. I am just saying, it is impossible to feel pity for an exchange that asks sometimes a million dollars to list a token, joskus 10% fees to withdraw MY assets from their walletare you kinding me? They work and they profit more than what they deserve, they are milking the worderful thing that is the crypto economy, they are actually its cancer. If they don’t adjust to the fair price level they will loose big eventually.

    Have you seen binance coin price lately? How are they possibly be losing money? Maybe loosing business, but that’s partially their fault imo

  11. Just when the bleeding stopped, we get this…. Onneksi, it seems it did not shake up the markets very big. They really need to step up their game and security if this is going to stop. Muuten, we will get hacking attacks every 5 minuutit! Great video as always, Carl!

  12. Hum Shak thats exactly what i am saying. If the level of security/exposure isn’t higher even though you pay for it, why pay the one that asks for more.

    Although to be fair ED didn’t got hacked, the users that were using it via an API got hacked. It happens when you give bots your private keys to trade automatically for you

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