Bitcoin tai heikko? | Syscoin Going CRAZYYY!! [Bitcoin Tänään]

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Bitcoin Tekninen analyysi & Crypto News Today: The Bitcoin price is trying to stay above the 20-day EMA. Can Bitcoin hold there? I use technical analysis on the Bitcoin chart to make my Bitcoin price prediction for today. Myös, Syscoin is going loco. On Binance, one Syscoin got bought for 96BTC. WHYY? Hyvin, we are going to talk about Syscoin and Binance in this video, so watch it to learn more!

1:20 Bitcoin Tekninen analyysi
10:31 Bitcoin & Crypto Uutiset

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Bitcoin tai heikko? | Syscoin Going CRAZYYY!! [Bitcoin Tänään]

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  1. When you’re in control of someone’s account on Binance, you can’t withdraw them easily (E-mail verifications, 2FA etc). Siksi, whoever’s behind, put out enormous ASK-orders for sys-coins (a low liquidity-coin) from their own account and bought it from the hacked account. This is how I think it may have played out.

  2. Just whales and bots at play. Bull trap right now. The real bull run won’t start until it gets down to 4500-5000.

  3. UPDATE: Im not going to be able to make a second video this time haha.. However the video is still relevant because I talk about what we need to look for when we start moving higher off of a bounce on the 20-day. 🌙😀

  4. The juice on Syscoin to 96 bitcoin was insane. That was wild. Binance has had API issues in the past and I trust that they’re just fine.

  5. Been watching your channel for awhile now ! I’m on cfds and I’m now ready to invest into crypto . Can you point me in the right direction ? I’m looking for an app for ios that will give me leverage and possibly something I can transfer usd on it or I need a wallet ?! There’s so many !!!

  6. Then the next bunch will say it’s a bull trap and needs to go to 3000 että 2000 when it hits your target lol probably just another crocodile tooth though.

  7. Gochain up 130% just crazy and I didn’t go in because I didn’t want to risk the market going downSigh! Crypto makes you pull out your hair

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