Bitcoin UP ennen nukkumaan $3,000? | 66,000 BTC Moved By Whale?? | SEC Vs. Blockvest

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Bitcoin Tekninen analyysi & Bitcoin News Today: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Katso video lisätietoja!

0:49 Bitcoin Tekninen analyysi
10:50 Ethereum Tekninen analyysi
15:27 Mining Difficulty!
19:19 SEC Vs. Blockvest: nouseva?
20:58 G20 Regulation
22:04 Bitcoin Whale?

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Bitcoin UP ennen nukkumaan $3,000? | 66,000 BTC Moved By Whale?? | SEC Vs. Blockvest

32 kommentit

  1. The bears will be wrecked soon. Stocking up at these prices and will stock up if it hits 3k. 66,000 = is the amount coinbase cold adds to a cold storage I read so probably more FUD.

  2. @everyone, Symmetrical Triangle (1D chart) On it’s way with multiple touch points and potential $1000 up or down 24H – 48H , keep eye on that and get smart trade with this opportunity 🙂


  3. Dude no homo but it love you man t
    Your TA is right on par with the likes of allisio rastani or even better . Can i have a heart please 💓

  4. Carl, i just watched your first video again, the progress you made during your series is incredible! There are so many youtubers, but in my opinion you are the best! Your easy to listen to, very informative, and so different from the others in the crypto community! Thank you so much for your content! Much love from Holland 🙂

  5. The Moon thanks a lot brother
    and just give your opinion on zrxjust saw so bullish pattern getting ready for Zrx …..

  6. Symmetrical falling wedge to me probably 1 more pump down according to the daily RSI and resistance. Then a nice massive pump on the weekly cant wait thanks Carl

  7. Whales playing the market so weakhands sell, after that whalescorporationwill goble all the low btc price, what do you think will happen next?

  8. You are more and more bullish . I can feel you bought some coins and it influenced your judgement of this market . Not good mate.

  9. Nice strategy, not obvious so must be pretty good:), but better is give me your btc/ $, that is more simple. And the best ideas are simple:)

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