Bitcoin Triple Bottom Formation (Explained Simply) | nouseva!!

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Bitcoin Hinta Analysis: In the Bitcoin price there has formed a VERY bullish pattern called the "Triple bottom formation". I use technical analysis in this video to show you where the Bitcoin price might go after a completion of the triple bottom. There is one ultimate target, but what is the average increase after a breakout? My technical analysis will show you everything you need to know about the Bitcoin triple bottom, so watch the video!

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Bitcoin Triple Bottom Formation (Explained Simply) | nouseva!!

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  1. But if the market is totally dependant on the decisions and manipulation of the whales , what is left to the actual price analysis, formations and all the trading stuff?

  2. I personaly don’t think we will see abreakoutuntil possibly Oct-November time….

    I honestly think we will continue to bounce around in these 2 trend lines and get squeezed and squeezed because of market uncertaintynobody is over bulish or bearish,,it simply keeps fluctuating

  3. your knowledge and depth of explanation are absolutely premium , thank you soooooooo much for sharing this on youtube. You are completely demystifying TA , I have benefited tremendously from watching your vids. More strength to you Carl!

  4. The whales follow TA also. The manipulators hide behind many forms of market influences including TA. Whales and manipulators are not nessearily the same thing, but both effect the prices.

  5. ehm did market just revers to up;)
    just got some small postion in btc eth at 307B market cap end it pump now to 320B+

  6. It’s never totally dependent on whales and manipulation. I would say it’s rather the opposite, the manipulators are dependent on the technicals. From experience I’ve found this to be true. Support/ resistance, triangles and Fibonaccis always hold true even though the market in general might be suppressed or elevated 😀🌙

  7. Actually you should draw line from 20k , when we brake line toward up, we should see soon bitcoin to 23k, in less then 3 kuukaudet.

  8. thank you for the last video on triple bottom you are a master at explaining things so they are understandable please don’t stop what you are doing , I learn something everyday from you Carl!!!

  9. the only ones who claim fibonacci market analysis is worthless pseudo-science, are those ignorant it and lack the intelligence to understand why the term pseudo-science, is actually an oxyMORON in-of-itself

  10. Your epic mate! Really enjoy your videos, you really crack me up as well especially on the one about cboe and etf’s. PEZ DISPENSER ETF!!! ahahahahah top work and great help! appreciate it.

  11. Carl, you ROCK!!! I appreciate all the vids and the great explanation. Continue doing what you do and I will continue watching. Kiitos taas, Shawn (Hope to see you on Discord) Username takes2tutango

  12. I bought too late like an idiot
    I wanted to buy when it was around 5300€ but was sure it would drop till 5100
    then it when crazy to 5500, but I couldn’t make a buy at the time (work)
    later on it was 6300and it stopped going up
    Hope it will go up more

  13. One month later it kissed a low of *5790.*
    Nearly one month after that, päällä 2018-07-24, it nearly kissed *8490.*
    Since then the pair has taken a breather. Excited to see where it goes next. 🙂

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