Bitcoin Reversal? | HUGE News From Coinbase! [Bitcoin Tonight]

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Bitcoin Tekninen analyysi & Crypto News Today: Bitcoin is possibly forming a bullish formation, and I use technical analysis to show you where the Bitcoin price might go. Myös, Coinbase might add Cardano, Basic Huomio Token, Stellar lumenia, Zcash, and 0x. Katso video lisätietoja.

3:16 Bitcoin Tekninen analyysi
9:51 Crypto Uutiset (Coinbase)

Coinbase adds altcoins:

Bitcoin Reversal? | HUGE News From Coinbase! [Bitcoin Tonight]

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  1. I cannot afford much right now, but I really would like to send you some money per video, for all of the time that you put in. I don’t know much about how to pay you, so please put a link somewhere after each video? Most Youtube TA’s do that. Kiitos taas!

  2. Hello Carl, I dont trade on short term, i bought about 7 altcoins and bitcoin and now I just wait a few years. Sometime i buy more if it gets really low, but I never sell. Do you think that is a good strategie?

  3. hello carl .. you do not have to apologize for anything .. we have to thank you for your time..congratulations for the person you have shown be and congratulations for your excellent work .. I am with you from the beginning .. and I am happy to see that your subrescribers do not stop growing .. the moon is your limit

  4. dont apologise Carl, you do a great job and im sure we all appreciate the time you put into making these vids for us.

  5. haactually, the lady in the ad saidThe Bunny Token Will be used by the…” bla bla bla… 🙂

    Joo, I saw that ad enough times to memorize the first like 10 sekuntia… !!! what jokes !!! 🙂

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