Bitcoin Resistance To Stop The Bull Flag? | Lightning Network Looks Bullish!!

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Bitcoin Tekninen analyysi & Bitcoin News Today: We talked about the Bitcoin bull flag yesterday, but is the resistance to strong in the Bitcoin price? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to show you why the answer is not simple. Myös, I'll talk about the Lightning Network and how it might transform Bitcoin. Learn more by watching the video!

Andreas Antonopoulos YouTube Channel:

0:34 Bull flag
3:18 Invisible Correction?
6:35 BIG Resistance
12:27 TA Summary
14:15 Lightning Verkko
20:10 Bitcoin Hater


Lightning Verkko 1:
Lightning Network Website:
Bitcoin Hater:

Bitcoin Resistance To Stop The Bull Flag? | Lightning Network Looks Bullish!!

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  1. Good work Carl. Just a thought….isn’t that an inverse H&S forming? Which could bring the price down to around $7,100. Which could be that mini correction “edellytetään”.

  2. i envyyou being able to see the money linehow much the resistance. on my end i just get a quick flash look see.

  3. so i’m guessing you aren’t taking any requests to look at alts even if they have huge potential and bullish charts and real use case, and could help mass adoption, shame. but still nice video as normal.

  4. Hello, I look at your videos daily and find them very informative but when you speak about lightning network and that its apply for every subscription I think you miss a big point. The fact that all companies benefits for having longer periods between payments.

  5. Nice video but only a very few alts are bitcoin competitors. Thousands of Others alts have real use case in different theme like internet of things or artificial intelligence , kuponkia… not coins. Those tokens are based on blockchain so lightning network gonna be bullish for them too I think.

  6. Lighting network is everything that Bitcoin was created to fight against. It basically introduces new centralized entities on the blockchain similar to banks. Not to mention it’s a pain in the axx to setup a lightning channel for micro transactions which is again a big bumb in the road to mass adoption. It’s gonna fail big time. It has like 99% failure rate when it comes to large transactions.

  7. Sunday low volume would be a great time for a big pump. But this is crypto it’ll go to 8500 as soon as I sale….. Anyone else want to take one for the team?

  8. perämies, don’t you know? Its all about Bitcoin which actually sounds quite similar to shitcointhe OG shitcoin

  9. Hei Carl
    Hope you are welli have really enjoyed all your videos in the last few months since subscribing to your channel.
    I notice a few guitars in the background…..and we all love music so how about giving us your favourite song on one of your guitars….?? it would be a nice change from all the ‘seriousstuff about Bitcoin….Really hope to hear you play Carl….:-)

  10. July 25th some big move is going to happen.

    You can tell because lots of alts are releasing stuff that day.

    Can someone with TA experience guess if it’s a big move up or down?

  11. Andreas should be the crypto president for this spaceall tho he would probability decline the role as it he is against anything centralised lol. He is the only person I truly listen to

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