Bitcoin Pumppaus & TETHER COLLAPSING!! | What’s Going On??

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Bitcoin Tekninen analyysi & Bitcoin News Today: The Bitcoin price is pumping and the Tether (Ushdt) price is tanking today. Is Tether and Bitcoin correlated? The spread between the Bitcoin price on Bitfinex, Binance and Coinbase is HUGE. Is Tether (Ushdt) collapsing? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Katso video lisätietoja!

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Bitcoin Pumppaus & TETHER COLLAPSING!! | What's Going On??

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  1. So if tether is backed by dollars and it’s in a bank account when the banks fail again what kind of protection will there be no way the bank will cover 2 billion dollars seems like tether is a bad idea long term

  2. hei Carl, this is good if Tether goes away as it is a fake coin without any audits, good riddance to ita bit of short term pain to clean up the space is GOOD NEWS.

  3. i see huge volume surge on 1-2 altcoin every day ….smart money enetering the space as we speaking !

  4. manhill I meant as a trading pair. I prefer trading with stable coins because you can do it anonymously. Crypto to FIAT on Binance will surely require enhanced KYC

  5. This smells like just another crypto scam. Tether backed by cash is now inferior to cryptos backed by hype. Oh bullshit.

  6. What protections exist for any blockchain dlt crypto? Get a grip. Most people would rather trust the U.S dollar in any Bank than a bunch of garbage Blockchain coins created for and pumped by trader and speculator cons. Blockchain dlt cryptos currently offer little to nothing of value, and exist for no other primary reason than to scam the less knowledgeable out of their hard earned money via a manipulated market, and intentional and fraudulent disinformation campaigns.

  7. The only realistic reason that BTC and ETH have any remaining value left is because of the shear volume of uninformed marks that got suckered into buying into an over priced spec market at high prices, and who cannot get their money out without suffering devastating losses. The entire industry as currently manipulated is prime for a historical collapse, and it will be well deserving of it. valitettavasti, many good projects and their honest investors will get penalized along the wayat least for some time to come.

  8. Great video Carl. Really loved it!! hyvin tietoa. In your opinion, if Tether does collapse how low do you think it could take Bitcoin knowing this is manipulation. Look forward to your videos! Kiitos.

  9. now everything is all right. Bitcoin cost increases, slowly but surely!
    Tether also goes ahead and is now in 4th place

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