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  2. Hash rate is at the highest! this is very good for the bitcoin network too. i really think we are going to 20K really soon no way we will be at this price at the havling

  3. thanks Carl, I’d love for it to not be a descending triangle, but uncertain about how much longer this big consolidation can draw out.

  4. Hei Carl. Have you ever heard of Bitseven? A margin trading platform? You can defend your trade there by placing a limit order so you won’t be liquidated. Works excellent!

  5. @Andries de Haan I know what you think. No matter in crypto I just meant gap . I saw multiple times gap filled again in charts and here’s a huge HS pattern, descending triangle and so on that makes me weak for bullish sentiment with refill the gaps.

  6. @Em Vo Sorry, I don’t really follow what you say.
    Joka tapauksessa, there is 1 gap on the daily. It’s at 8500-ish.

  7. @Em Vo don’t listen to the moonboys . this is just a tether pump but everyone is lying to themselves thinking it got pumped by real money.

  8. I like your talk here, Kiitos…what is the impact on Bitcoin when Bakkt opens please in your opinion and also Brexit?

  9. juu, olen samaa mieltä. Daily transactions don’t need to be as secure, and need to be fast. My HODL needs to be secure, and doesn’t need to be as fast. A 5 day transaction like the banks do is too slow, mutta 20 minutes for a highly secure wealth transfer is perfectly fast enough.

  10. Karl, you should show a graph comparing the Sharpe ratio for various assets including Bitcoin. It has the most favorable Sharpe ratio by far.

  11. 5129$ is where we meet the bottom of the bollinger band right now.. for sure this will go up but 5.5k is far to be impossible. 9200$, 8900, 8500, 7.4 and 6.9k are more probable

  12. Never below 7000? What part of 95% wash traded volume don’t you understand? your numbers do not apply. Read @bitfinexed on twitter and get a grip.We got that and the legacy crash and WW3 to create plausible deniability to slam the price to onramp the big boys.

  13. I am new to your channel and have really enjoyed your content. Excellent mix of TA, fundies, explanations and upcomingstuff”. Thanks a bunch. Great stuff!

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