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Bitcoin Tekninen analyysi & Bitcoin News Today: I'll show you my Bybit long position I talked about earlier today. Make sure to use my Bybit referral link to get a deposit bonus. Bybit is like BitMEX but much better. Myös, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Katso video lisätietoja!

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► Bybit opetusohjelma: = 4dnIDz1NLuw
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VASTUUVAPAUSLAUSEKE: Vipuvaikutus cryptovaluuttojen kanssa on erittäin riskialtista, ja ympärillä 90% kaikista kauppiaista menettää rahaa todennäköisesti. Varmista, että ymmärrät nämä riskit, jos olet aloittelija. Olen vain suositella crypto kaupankäynnin jo kokenut kauppiaille.

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Bybit-talletus 0.2 BTC & Vastaanottaa $60 VAPAA!
► Bybit: = l2RA6
Bybitin viitekoodi: l2RA6

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I don't accept donations, Käytä tätä rahaa investoida itse sen sijaan! Joten jos haluat tukea minua, käytä mitään affiliate linkeistä, myös jättää kaltainen & TILAA, that's completely free. Kiitos paljon!

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Carl Eric Martin


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39 kommentit

  1. AMAZING CALL!! I already had a Bybit account, but i got a new one with your link because you’ve made me so much money by now that i think i owe you!! also I got another $60 deposit bonus 🙂

  2. Hei Carl, INCREDIBLE call as usual! JOO, I hope you keep posting these trades! This one of the many reasons me and my friends watch your videos! Please don’t listen to the negative people on here. Kiitos!

  3. Carl; i know for a fact that other TA guys on YouTube that claim to be traders come watch your videos first and post the exact same stuff you do; you are a legend in my book as well :)> Awesome TA; Awesome Manners; Awesome Etiquette!

  4. Don’t be mad dude, it could have gone south and we could have lost big by morning! Nobody can stay up all night! I sold last night too because I didn’t want to wake up to a huge loss. Better to wake up with your money than to wake up without it!! It’s better not to win big than to lose big. Sometimes you just miss a trade because you can’t wake up or are not awake for it.

  5. Hi from Italy!😊
    I follow you since a while and I entered the market following your advice at 8.1k dollars, and because I’m new to the world of cryptocurrencies I don’t use the lever system, but in any case, I’m earning because of your advice😉😉💪🏻💪🏻!!
    Thanks as always!! 😊😊😊

  6. I came upon a startling but very obvious piece while reading some news. Despite the recent downturn which of course is reversing, bitcoin still remains the best performing asset of 2019. On the smallest growth possibility from hodling, an investor who bought on the last day of 2018 would have more than doubled their money already and a trader with a combination of the right skill set and experience could have easily doubled their money in a couple of days or week. That is how profitable this asset can be but my biggest asset has been Sebastian Wigman who is a sophisticated trader and signal provider. After trading using his trade patterns and signals for sometime now, I look back and recall how blessed I am now. On the average, I grow my portfolio by at least 1 btc in a week by guided trading.I am so appreciative of him and cannot help but let others know about him. He can be reached on W H A T S A P P/T E L E G R A M *(+44 7723 523446)* for any crypto related inquiries

  7. @Kerelous Fahmy I don’t need to trade. I’m holding since 2014 thanks for your concern. You are just an ignorant who doesn’t know how to have a conversation without using ridiculous words.

  8. I would have listened to himbut my trade was already in! I guess I’m not gonna make money this time around. There is always next time!

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