BIG KORJAUS Tulossa? ensimmäinen tavoite $3,530 | Pieni pumppua ennen kaatopaikka? | Keskimääräinen BTC käyttäjäanalyysiraportit

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Bitcoin Tekninen analyysi & Bitcoin News Today: How many of my viewers are from Bangladesh? And how many are from Sweden? I'll show you in this video! Myös, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Katso video lisätietoja!

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BIG KORJAUS Tulossa? ensimmäinen tavoite $3,530 | Pieni pumppua ennen kaatopaikka? | Keskimääräinen BTC käyttäjäanalyysiraportit

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44 kommentit

  1. I’m not surprised we from the Netherlands are at number 3. We as dutch people are always interested in money because we are one of the country’s who pays the most taxes in the world. And btc and crypto is at a very low level of tax right here. Carl me and my friends following you almost a year and will staying to continue that because your the most friendly accurate YouTuber when it comes down to crypto. We want to make the next bullrun with you, as always thumbs up peace out and see you in Liechtenstein 😊

  2. I never give my real details as probably many other people, so those statistics have to be taken with a grain of salt.

  3. I was talking about Bitcoin/Usd weekly chart with my Grand pa who worked stocks more than 40 vuotta. he look at the chart some and counted red bars then told meif you believe in this you should better start buyingnow we buying bitcoin together monthly. I really dont trust socialmedia influencers what they say about bottom in or not. there is only few months to buy near bottom then it goes away for years and never comeback

  4. Your Analysis is so interesting , thats the reason u r getting views & that day is not so far to celebrate 100k subscriber to this channel 🙂

  5. You are totally right. Just a few weeks left to buy the bottom and then it goes up and never come back down to this price we are seeing now. Be wise people this is the right time to accumulate.

  6. The viewer ratings are high and will continue to rise, because you are brilliant Carl! …and a damn nice guy

  7. +Remco laken haha dat heb ik er meerdere al horen zeggen 🤣🤣 als we er allemaal op tijd bij waren in 2013 met 100euro waren we millionair allemaal nu

  8. hei Carl,
    Always good to definitelywatchyourvideos every day and learn. Your clarity, objectivity, and amazing predictions, make me learn a lot! When I first started watching your channel I could hardly believe how someone with the appearance so young, could have so much experience and knowledge! Even with my bad English, I understand everything you explain! Hoping that your channel will grow much more. 50K soon! Thanks from Brazil.

  9. 40,000 subscribers is ridiculously low considering that he is pretty much calling all the big moves. Fractal analysis is completely original and so far quite effective!

  10. Vau. There’s a million comments here! I’m Doug and I’m from California in the U.S. You are definitely one of the very best on YouTube not only because you predict very well, but you put up really interesting content. I also appreciate all the extra work you put in with your introduction of the topics and even the timing menu in the comments. You’re amazing Carl. And truly appreciated. You really don’t deserve ANY dislikes! Probably just jealous men! 🙂
    49, married, programmer, crypto since late 2018, trying to make some money trading until I sense we are at the next ‘bottom’ when I think I’m going to make my large purchase. I feel like we’ve already hit the bottom at 3100 and I’m just waiting for the rising triangle bottom bounce again – Toivon mukaan!

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