elokuu 23 Will Moon or Crash Bitcoin (BTC)?! – Crypto Kaupankäynti & Kryptovaluutta Hinta Uutiset

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Will Bitcoin (BTC) moon or crash on August 23 due to the ETF decision?! Let's discuss this and some cryptocurrency trading analysis + current news topics on the Bitcoin ETF in today's video!

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Vastuuvapauslauseke: Sisältö videossa käsiteltyihin / live Stream ei ole sijoitusneuvontaa. En ole taloudellinen neuvonantaja. Nämä ovat vain omat henkilökohtaiset lausunnot, ideoita, kaavioita, tekninen analyysi, oivalluksia, uutiset ja hinta ennusteet. Aina tehdä oma tutkimus ja sijoittaa vain yksinomaan perustuvat omiin havaintoihin ja henkilökohtaisen tuomion. Investoimalla ja / tai ostaa Bitcoin (BTC) or any other type of cryptocurrency or ETF is extremely high risk and can crash at any time! Tämä video / live stream on puhtaasti viihde ainoastaan!

elokuu 23 Will Moon or Crash Bitcoin (BTC)?! – Crypto Kaupankäynti & Kryptovaluutta Hinta Uutiset

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  1. Bitcoin just waiting for next ProShares etf news and ofcourse the insiders will dump or pump 1day before news.
    The way we seeing right now is clearly signs etf rejection .

  2. if we break 5700 our next significant source of price action is at 4400, which would line up nicely with our bear flag extrapolation their on the daily. a drop is looking more and more likely 🙂

  3. Hi Kirbs don’t look to good at the moment trying to buy the dips haven’t lost Faith yet lol all the best m8 peace

  4. That news segment comment on the bull run 😂new logo, kirby! New guy hired, idk who he is but moon, kirbs!”

  5. they will probably sell tomorrow, or will stay the same, and it should go up the 23th or so, as you didn’t take in account the break out of the falling wedge, after that, when it forms a symmetrical triangle, it will always go upand it is perfectly in line with the announcement on the 23thbut in my opinion, most important institutional decisions are made on Monday

  6. I think it well get approved because I read an article a month or two ago about how CBOE said they were afraid the ProShares ETF would beat them in being the first ETF to the market.

  7. Great Video Kirby, you’re TheeMannn, Yeah Baby, is going to be a Funky Rest of The Week . ETF gets approve, Pump & Dump for sure, ETF Does NOT get approve, Big Dump for Sure. FireHouse Boots, Hat, Rain Coat are ON, ready for the battle, Peace. Always Looking Forward to Your Videos MR. CryptoKirby, the man with a MISSION.

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