$5,000?! Where Is Bitcoin Going Right Now? Tuki & Resistance Levels

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Bitcoin Tekninen analyysi & Bitcoin News Today: Where is the Bitcoin price heading right now? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Is the bitcoin price going to fall down to $5000? I'll talk about both the bullish and the bearish scenario for Bitcoin right now. Myös, I'll talk a little bit about the Bitcoin shorts and a potential short squeeze. Watch the video to learn more about my Bitcoin price prediction for 2018!

1:00 Overview Of Bitcoin
11:32 Tuki & vastus
16:24 Altcoins
18:03 Short Squeeze?
19:12 General Market Analysis

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$5,000?! Where Is Bitcoin Going Right Now? Tuki & Resistance Levels

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31 kommentit

  1. Great content as always Carl (Karl?). So many people calling for 5k makes me think we may never get there. Who knows though right? I’m mentally prepared for both bullish and bearish scenarios. (mielestäni. haha)

  2. Atm we test the 6250 uudelleen.
    We Know that a huge amount of bitcoins not touched for 4 years were Sold
    Before this Wales made big shorts, so First short and then at Level with all bearish signs sell so many bitcoins clearly Illustrate that a huge drop is execlted.
    Smart allgos detected that the price is Not able to hold, so smart Money finally sell, i think 100k bitcoins were Sold and this is Maybe an indicators that Wales will not again Support buy at 6k Like they did.
    But also possible that this big sell was done to buy again above 6k and this time with the hope to break ressistance.
    The fact, that 4 year holded bitcoins were solded is somehow wird why not Sold at 20k?
    So we dont Know if manipulation is from miners, from one Holding Tons of bitcoins or Maybe several different Interests.
    But the reason behind the Real late sell of bitcoins Show that Wales hoped for a sonder Trendchange.
    But now they See there is Not enouph demand, so they Just sell at high and now Either Support Low again or wach for 5k

  3. Kysymys: Is it possible if that $100million recharge in tether on Bitfinex was meant to leverage shorting of bitcoin in which what caused the insane drop?

  4. Mmh I prefer staying on USDT and FIAT totally at this moment. It’s too unpredictable. I seems that it could go much down or it could go a little high. Low volumes on coinmarketcap. I prefer loosing some little profits than loosing much in another dump.
    Let’s wait some fundamentals news or clue. (sorry for my english)

  5. Always look forward to your videos. Everything you put out is very well thought out. I agree with one of your scenarios thinking we will go down to 6k and bounce.

    Thanks for all the great videos!!!

  6. suuri vid, covered all angles perfectly.

    Interesting time coming up, a change isn’t far away, mid to late November before we see a decisive change.

  7. IMO: A few whalescoordinated shorting then dumping will not set the long term BTC price. BTC will recover sooner then later. minä olen 70% long nowwith tight stops in case there is one final dump. The SEC decision is the sole BTC price driver now….

  8. Best channel hands down the way u break down the market is superb thank you for everything carl u are the man

  9. You add a nice ‘polishto your presentations, Carl, when you superimpose the prices on the resistance / support lines. It’s extra work for you, but your viewers appreciate it.

    What’s your background in this stock/crypto world, Carl?

  10. The only Supportlevel ist the Realmarket Price ($5750) Bitcoin. This level can not be fallen below.

  11. Carl, thank you for your analysis! I’m thrilled with each video you upload. It helps guide me on my sentiments and helps me understand the market better from my own bias.

  12. Thank you so much CarlI’m kind of new to the crypto world and I am learning A LOT from youAmazing content and very simple and easy way of explanation… Jatka samoin…

  13. The Moon idk if u ve mentioned the macd cross on weekly.? Could green mean sell into last remaining strength into btc before plunge to sub 5k levels? Myös, I looked at the Ema ribbon on dji. Looks real scary man. Something big is gonna happen soon in the markets.

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