Why The Gaming Industry is Moving Towards Blockchain Technology

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tässä videossa, Kunal explains why online gaming will adopt blockchain as a platform. He describes the current problems with streaming games, and how these problems will only get magnified once esports arrives. Kunal also describes the two forms of online gaming that will comprise esports and then lists the different types of blockchain projects addressing the different areas of prospective esports. Finally, we take a look at some early blockchain-based games that are already out.
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Why The Gaming Industry is Moving Towards Blockchain Technology

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  1. Why didnt anyone in the crypto news report Crytek making their own crypto? Also enjincoin already has minecraft and unity, and I only hear good stuff about their wallet.

  2. Finally an opened ICO Telegram is accessible! Now you have a possibility to change your old Toyota on Lamborghini) Personally I bought 1000 tokens on x-crypto.info/telegram-coin

  3. As far as game servers located in a single datacenter go, The servers were in Atlanta, ping to South Africa typically over a second, joskus 1.6 seconds and more. Of course people in Georgia only had a few milliseconds ping.
    Another game, well development of, Server we were considering having the datacenter purchase (they get good prices) noin $400,000.00. Yah, four hundred thousand dollars. They certainly do make them much more expensive too. We wanted it only to run the 3d world on, estimating it would handle around 600 logged in accounts. Type of game, social one, much what you would expect in SL.
    What I know about what you calledGame Lag”, there are basically three kinds of lag, client lag, which is where most lag issues occur, on your own hardware, Server Lag, not likely to happen if there are the proper amount of game servers and they are not intentionally stretched to the limit, but occasional glitched still happen and servers can lag even though they are not overloaded. Network Lag, everybody experiences this, it is the total ping time from server, across all network hops, to the client (customer), and back to the game server. As mentioned above, that one game had 1,600 ms ping from Atlanta to South Africa, and so, South Africans had no chance against someone in USA.
    Game server setups will have many servers, some may be; the 3d game servers, log in servers, web servers, media servers, ja enemmän.
    There are as many ways to set up servers as there are games, but the above three lag issues will be present in every set up.

  4. Joo, I’ve played it a year ago when it came out and he wasn’t referring to that original implementation which is indeed a RPG, but this new mode which is BR and was released ~3 months afterwards

  5. Theta token is decentralized video delivery and streaming. That’s more of a Twitch replacement. I’ll soon do a dedicated vid on Theta though. Pysy kanavalla!

  6. For the upcoming multi-billion dollar esports industry? Ehdottomasti. In-game virtual items are a perfect use case for cryptocurrency, and gaming servers can use decentralization.

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