Miksi Professional Sijoittajat rikastuu Market Kaatumiset – Laskevilla markkinoilla kryptovaluutta

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Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, says “Professional Investors Love When Markets Crash, because that is how they get rich”. With cryptocurrency investing, perspective can mean a lot more than originally expected. Bear market or Bull market with bitcoin or any altcoin.

Miksi Professional Sijoittajat rikastuu Market Kaatumiset – Laskevilla markkinoilla kryptovaluutta

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  1. Nebl to the moon! For those whom haven’t looked into Neblio yet, I highly suggest that you do! Great platform that offers a lot of potential for companies.

  2. olen samaa mieltä, I’ve also been wanting the market to boom.. but I also hope things stay at a discount as well, so I can accumulate more.. have been enjoying the price discounts. And I did buy LTC at 240, so I will buy @ 150 yhtä hyvin

  3. Aloha Jeff!!! I’ve spent enough $$on the way down , very please at my purchases, now ready for a do-over on this wave ride and use some of my new skills on the way up, be a little less greedy, and take some profits…… #mahalo

  4. Nah we good bro. Binance, the biggest exchange goes down and Bitcoin didn’t even drop 20%. And besides, even FudDesk was reporting binance was hacked, when it was never.And with the NEO hack, NEO rebounded so fast. We get used to all these downtimes. I can’t wait for CNN and CNBC crying when bitcoin reaches ATH again and rally even more this year!

  5. A lot of people FOMO’d intohot and cheapalt coins along with Bitcoin during the ATH over the holidays. This is the perfect time to pick a few projects and get educated on them. Dig deep. Go as deep as possible. Compare projects with similar use cases. Watch videos. Go to the company websites and read more about them and the teams behind the project. Look for information and transparency. Follow the projects on Twitter and follow some of the key people on the project. Its a great place to ask them and other people questions. This correction is a huge positive while cryptocurrency works out some kinks and pushes forward. Don’t take this time from granted!

  6. That would be awesome! I bought another 35 of TenX pay because they are cheap but I am a bit afraid of my holdings, my fear is that they may never get the card that we can use and actually that it will work! What was with the old card and did it work for some? I somehow believe in Julian, he is very smart and says things as they are. I do not have much and I only invest what I can lose but still the little may be a lot in a year or so right? I LOVE Digibyte and just got another 6000, I wonder if I should get more, also check into China´s big coin, NEO, an awesome coin as far as I can tell, which you can buy it on Kucoin and trade it as well on kucoin and the daily volume was almost a billion and at at place 7 at the moment and is holding up very well, much like TenX pay! Kucoin is great and not as strict as Binance or Bittrex, I SAY WE STICK TOGETHER AND HOLD; I say HOLD AND BUY MORE IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT! Do not lose your money, we gotta play it as safe as possible. Lots of options on Kucoin , you can buy other cryptos with USD, NEO, Kucoin shares, Bitcoin, eetteri, and b-cash! awesome guys and gals! https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=1wJP1 Myös, they respond to questions fast and you don´t wait forever as with bittrex, which is okay but Bittrex needs to do more for us customers in terms of service. I Hope you guys and gals love it and leave comments if you want to. THANKS!
    CHECK OUT KNC kYBER NETWORK Token on kucoin. Look up the tech on this token, I swear guys …. you will thank me for this great tip. hopefully we pick up again soon and start making big profits. Patience yes. peace!

  7. Martin Lemona but if it doesn’t work just get a Coinbase / gdax account. Trade the money for litecoin on Binance move litecoin onto gdax and sell usd. Litecoin because ltc is fast and has low fees and is on gdax

  8. Gary nilknarF I spent some on the first rise
    But I didn’t over do it and I learned.
    This will be an adventure for sure.
    Watch as the technology grows and is used daily by many more people
    A great awakening is taking place

  9. been buying a little bit on every drop, I’m new to crypto but i like to buy stuff on discount. setting up this profolio when everything is on sale seem like a good idea to start out my crypto journey.

  10. Yes very true, Coin Mastery did a great video on that a while back. I have Coinbase/ gdax and many others just in case. I like Kucoin because it is a Chinese exchange and Neo is a Chinese coin and they will fight to keep them both on top even though they say in the Chinese govt. that they are against cryptos and then ban and this and that, all just mind games because the globalists know that with so many people that cryptos will help more people and save on resources in the long term. Myös, Kucoin has the kucoin shares and since it is still new the 5 dollar or so price tag for a token is cheap and it will go up to 20 plus again and much higher if we get to 800 plus billion on the total market cap. Kuvitella 3 tai 4 biljoona, we that are in the business now and invest in these companies, we will be rewarded very well and the mainstream will use it as a means of payment but will never get the prices we have been getting in the last year alone right. Do you have Kcoin already, if not use my referral link, okay, when you pass it on it will make your transaction fees go down 50%! They are really smart and the platform is high tech when one compares it to Bittrex or Cryptopia that takes all tokens seems a bit fishy to me, I only use them if I want to take advantage of a fast pump and dump coin to be perfectly honest.

  11. I’m out of moves financially but hating that I don’t have reserve for a swing trade or cheap coins. Learned lesson.

  12. Some of my friends have be swearing that they are going to get into the market after they get their taxes. -Steve

  13. erinomainen video, love em. I’ve been wanting to stop drinking now for about 3 kuukaudet, I am seriously considering stopping for just a month and putting that money into crypto! It’s a lot of money for me lmao!

  14. Your right on this point, Jeff. Buy low sell high, it’s the maxim of life, not just crypto or investing. Think about this; you walk into the supermarket and ice cream is selling for $20 a half gallon. Would you buy it or would you wait for the price to drop and then buy it? Common sense, oikea? We do this with everything but investment vehicles. There’s something about investing that people are always scared of missing out. But for those of us who have concurred this FOMO, there are great opportunities right now. This is like going to the supermarket and their freezer is broken and their selling that half gallon ice cream for pennies. Well folks, the freezer is broken and ice cream is cheap. Keep saying, like a mantra, “the ice cream is cheap” and let’s all get rich! Just rest assured that the repairman is on the way and the sale won’t go on for ever.

  15. be4stable That’s okay because if he buys at 8k then the average price is what matters. Btc will go way over 19.5k so he’s good.

  16. Talking about how it’s a good thing for the market to stay bearish so you can buy low is missing one point that professional traders understand. The longer the market remains at a specific valuation, the stronger both resistance and support becomes. Meaning it’s gonna become harder and take longer for bulls to push the market back up. Professional traders also sell and short, something buy and hodlers don’t do, and therefore don’t benefit from. If you’re a buy and hodler, you want as quick a correction as possible, to avoid any kind of strong restistance on the way up.

  17. Adrienna van Diermen This has been a good lesson for me too. I plan to put like $50 into BTC, ETH and LTC weekly so that after a month or more I can be a better player in the game. I learned that you can do a recurring buy through coinbase. It’s been proven that Weds and Fri are the best days to get the lowest prices in the market. Preferably on fridays.

  18. I think that most of the people believe that the prices will recover, but they also believe that the prices will drop further. So i do!

  19. I believe what he’s saying here is if you bought high then now’s the time to soften your position. I’m going to use easy math here as an exampleSo say you bought 1 lightcoin at 500.00 and now it’s going for 50.00 per lightcoin. If you spend the same 500.00 you’d get 10 lightcoin. So now you’d have 11 lightcoin at 1000.00 and you only have to wait for lightcoin to go up 10% to see profit instead of waiting for it to go from 50 että 500. So if you believe in it, now’s the time to soften some positions.

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