Why Mining Crypto with a video card is still a great option!

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Why Mining Crypto with a video card is still a great option!

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  1. You should go over miner OS and mining software. I use linux(on a flash drive less power lmao) with minergate with a gtx970 right now. Mined 0.11 XMR 5 viikkoa

  2. How about an update video on what are the best steps to take on resuming the use of Nicehash, considering their security breach?

  3. Got a single gtx 970 right now mining altcoin (maybe making $50/mo), and I’m looking to use spare parts and buy a couple better vid cards for my dedicated mining rig. Mutta, I can’t decide what card to buy.

    Any ideas?

  4. Unfortunately no time right now. Your rig sounds good. Start small, low cost, power it out, see how much you make in a few months, then sink more $ into it. Nice thing about NiceHash is it auto-switches to the most profitable currencies for you while running. Also get a Kill-A-Watt meter off AMZN for $20 so you can measure it. Thesolar shedis pretty easy – 3 100-300W panels, 3 marine batteries, heavy duty cables, charge controller, wire everything in series, keep the rig parts cost down so it doesn’t suck more power than mining needs. The key I discovered is to oversize the battery array so if it’s cloudy or power dips low, the array has enough extra juice to keep the rig running for days until the sun returns. Good panel kits can be had on AMZN for $200. Go to a boat supply wholesaler for marine batteries. Myös, be sure to profile the power-draw vs. mining speeds of each card. If a card pulls too much power it destroys profits. You want fast, but not a power-hog either. ZOTAC cards seem good. See Voskcoin’s channel vid on thetrio-mining rigon how to optimize a 3-card rig. Since you already have some spare parts you should be able to break-even sooner. Might even try some used parts of eBay to cut initial costs. Solar is everything since power costs put a big drain on profits. Onnea.

  5. Do you have any links you could provide for the solar equipment (wanna create a shopping list)? It looks like the panels would be about $500 for just those!

    I’ll tell you what finding a 1070 Ti is not easy! The Zotacs are even sold out

  6. Dig on AMZN. They have a starter kit for $200 tai $300 or so that has 2 high end panels, controller, and all cabling. The panel brand I think is Renology but not sure who bundles the kit. Could be AMZN themselves. Batteries might the next biggest cost. You can also consider used panels as they last 20 years and unless damaged work just as well as new ones. Might want to check craigslist. You should be able to get started for $300-$400 or maybe even less. There is some big initial setup cost but it pays because after breakeven it’s pure profit all the way.

  7. Here is the Renology Kit. If you wait for an off peak shopping time the price fluctuates on AMZN. I’ve seen it as low as $279 mutta $299 should be doable most off-peak times. Figure $100 or so for batteries, or less if you go used or lower end batteries and you should be able to get in for $400 or less. It’s kind of hard to get a solar system started for less than that these days unless you get free parts somewhere https://www.amazon.com/Renogy-Watts-Volts-Monocrystalline-Bundle/dp/B00B8L8MD2/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1514593619&sr=8-2-fkmr0&keywords=renology+starter+kit

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