Miksi Crypto Not Dead?

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Nathan goes to World Digital Asset Summit to find out why everyone is still working in Crypto and why crypto and bitcoin are not dead.

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Miksi Crypto Not Dead?

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  1. I mean look at these prices. I’m drooling again. Neo under 6 dollari…. ADA under 0.03…. jne. jne. I don’t think it will take that long before we see massive price pumps, because there are a lot of good company’s out there with strong fundamentals and use cases.

  2. Could you name any ‘use casesthat are actually being implemented? Have you or anyone you know ever bought an actual product/service with BTC or any other coin? I love the idea of Crypto but do not believe it’s going mainstream ANYTIME soon…. BTC has a place in the world but the rest of the coins out there have scammed us broIn one whole year and with a tonne of money raised NOT one project actually doing anything that anybody really cares about

  3. T Dawg Not gonna claim I know anything but let’s just use the Internet. It was there in the 80s and then it had that boom in the 90s and even now, it’s still growing. I know it’s hard to see and I can’t say with any guarantees but I really hope I got “sisään” during the 80s and one of these is like holding Amazon or MS stock in terms of growth. 99% of coins you see today are probably gonna fail. Better look for the ones that are actually developing right now. There’s a lot of coins that are just whitepapers and roadmaps still. It’s easy to say with hindsight to hold the blue chips you see today but whatever, it’s basically a gamble right now.

  4. +Bryan RosarioThose guys at XRP, they lay them infant structure, to go to the moon, and they will take their bitcones with them” -The Crypto Twins. They are so awesome!

  5. never trust anyone who couches anything they say with “to be honest” because why would anyone say that except to imply that anything else they’ve said is dishonest.

  6. Its not dead, just taking a breather. It looks like things went way to fast this past year for crypto and it needs to back down to a more reasonable pace and then it will grow comfortably.

  7. Pahuksen, what happened to this channel? I would do anything for an old school, passionate Altcoin Buzz video. The epic Jingle and Jeff talking about crypto. Not some outsourced, fart-sniffing unpassionate fraggle showing off with his lack of testosterone voice.

    Jeff, come back!

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