Why is Cardano Surging? Pörssi Faking Volume, Ethereum Gas 173-Day High, Opacity Update

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Cardano recently overtook Tron in terms of market cap. A new​ study suggests 95% of exchanges fake their volume. Mattie will also talk about Ethereum gas usages reaching new highs as well as the latest community speaks segment.
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Cardano (ADA) Reaches Significant Milestone with Cardano 1.5

Cardano (ADA) Reaches Significant Milestone with Cardano 1.5

Cardano [ADA] Defeated TRON [TRX] To Capture 10th Spot with Bullish Run

Ethereum Gas Usage Reaches 173-Day High

Ethereum Gas Usage Reaches 173-Day High

High Price is Important for Ethereum ETH, says Buterin

High Price is Important for Ethereum ETH, says Buterin


Only These 10 Bitcoin Exchanges Have Real Volume, New Study Finds


Opacity Update – Community Speaks

Opacity UpdateCommunity Speaks

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Why is Cardano Surging? Pörssi Faking Volume, Ethereum Gas 173-Day High, Opacity Update

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  1. I dont know why nobody has mentioned it yet but sec stated that the low volume on bitcoin isn’t bad, it’s actually reasonable or more on the high-side when you compare it to its marketcap

  2. Hoskinson is one of the most overrated individuals in crypto. He walked away or been booted from every project he’s ever been involved with. For some strange reason people seem to believe he invented Cardano. The truth is he’s been paid to work on it and pump up the price. If he’s was so intelligent, he would have come up with the idea for Cardano himself. Regardless, eventually he will walk away from his contract and pursue other interests as he’s already hinted at.

  3. +Eddie Price ADA is dead without Hoskinson, not that he’s building anything unique with Cardano. He’s been hired as a salesman to sell it because for some reason people seem to think he helped develop Ethereum which isn’t true. He walked away/was forced to leave Ethereum before any real coding was done. He had name recognition and the low moral stance to take on such a role as car salesman.

  4. +Michael York he’s the face but it would survive. Africa will single handedly make ADA thrive have you even been selling BTC in Zimbabwe?? It sells at a plus 3k premium arbitrage

  5. +Michael York maybe academic knowledge about blockchain, POS presented at cryptographic conferences or rigorous process to deliver quality code. But every project do that in the space right

  6. Michael York is a butthurt little boy who bought high and sold low. Hes just salty about Cardano because hes scared and knows it’s high potential! Dont listen to him.

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