The Death of Bitcoin, Think Like a Billionaire, & Turkish Lira – BTC & Crypto Uutiset

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Bitcoin ja kryptovaluutta uutiset – Bitcoin is dead again, BTC Dominance rises, Americans either love or hate BTC, think like a billionaire, Bitmain's crazy IPO, and the Turkish Lira.

Game Over

Bitcoin Dies

Bitcoin Dies Again

BTC dominance

Bitcoin Eclipses 50% Crypto Market Dominance For First Time Since December



New Survey Finds 50% of Americans ‘Willing to Try Out’ Bitcoin

Bitcoin Portfolio


Crypto mining giant Bitmain on target for $10B revenue this year

BItmain IPO

Crypto Unicorn Bitmain Weighs $18 Billion IPO, One of World’s Largest

Bitcoin TV

Bitcoin Lira

Investors Turn To Bitcoin In Turkey As Lira Value Slips


Brazil Bitcoin

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The Death of Bitcoin, Think Like a Billionaire, & Turkish Lira – BTC & Crypto Uutiset

29 kommentit

  1. Gold is not a threat to Central powers while they still control the price via the paper markets. Love your vids Lark!

  2. Love your work and the bear market separates the mindless shillers and great consistent content makers like you!

  3. If your trading bitcoin for altcoins to gain more bitcoin then this is a tough week for you.😂😂That was great Lark I spit out a little tea on that one

  4. and beyoooooond
    All of us we don’t want btc to rise up . We want it to reach 5500 USD first And then its up to it to rise up again

  5. Silky Johnson the spot price of silver and gold is determined by the paper future contracts. If the price rises the Comex or LBMA can dump millions of paper ounces on the market which drops the price as the supply has increased. The bit to understand is there is not a physical ounce of gold backing the gold ounce paper contract dropped on the market.

  6. Unfortunately I have to say this, if people are not strong enough to stomach the extreme winter conditions crypto is in, then they are not strong enough to enjoy true freedom crypto can provide.

    This bearish crypto period is actually a fantastic time to be bullish, hunt for those few great projects that are probably cheap now, and dollar cost average. And be bearish during a super hyped, mania bullish season.

  7. I think more people would try bitcoin if they looked at international transactions. It’s a much better alternative than 19% per Wells Fargo.

  8. Sandile Ngwenya Darwinist-cryptocurrencology? 😁 Jokes. Ei, but I agree pretty much, starvation weeds out the eggs.

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