Suurin katalysaattorina Bitcoin historiassa on tulossa, CRYPTO floodgates avautuu toukokuussa 2019!

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Suurin katalysaattorina Bitcoin historiassa on tulossa, CRYPTO floodgates avautuu toukokuussa 2019!

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  1. Thanks for your great, informative and interesting videos. I’m enjoying them a lot. Everyone is scared and I’m over here staring at these discounts and beating off,I’m so damn excited. Iv been waiting for this for months. Absolutely there’s no room for emotions in this game,Buy the dip and trade. It’s that simple. Christmas came early, As the price continues to drop as I hope it does, I will continue to buy more of this. I do not believe crypto is going to zero. I do believe at some point when the recovery starts and the bull market starts there is going to be a massive upswing in the price and people will look back at this time and these prices and be shocked at how little they could have bought a lot of what they sold out of panic , I have been trading with WALTER Excellent strategy and I have been getting the best from it ever since my 5months in contact with him, you don’t have to wait for an Upswing before making profits, you will end up loosing if you don’t find a way out on time,Trading Is the only way out Now, why we wait on the better days ahead of us, get to more info about My Coach on his mail ( Number +1-323-776-6410

  2. i was waiting for the run up , little did i know i could make profit simply by trading my coin.Thank God i contacted walter early enough, his gave me a great insight into trading and assisted me in increasing my portfolio by 4 bitcoin from the original 1.2 bitcoin i invested in just 2 viikkoa.

  3. With the oil reserves the USA has in North Dakota and Alaska, among other places, there really is no need to steal Venezuala’s oil, so both in terms of economics, not to mention morally I would oppose USA invading Venezuala to steal their oiljust as I morally opposed us stealing Iraq’s oil. Se sanoi, I agree BTC may be a safe haven in the event of a war. As a HODLer I would say stealing Venezuala’s oil might be good for BTC price, but morally I still hope this does not happen.

  4. The sad irony of the new phase ofwar for profitthat the USA has entered into since Iraqor even since Vietnamis that this is what the Empire of Japan was doing in the Second World War, taking over Pacific islands for pure profit. The war against Japan was unnessesary with the benefit of hindsight, but in any case the USA is now operating from their playbook of imperalist wars for profit. As a humanitarian, this is disturbing. But I cannot disagree that BTC and / or gold would be a safe haven in the event of warexcept in BTC case it is used in Venezuala, so if it becomes annexed by oil-greedy USA the power grids would go away, and hence BTC transaction volume there also. So a war to annex the oil reserves of Venezuala would actually reduce BTC price short term, though as markets react badly it may later become along with gold a safe haven. Vielä, morally, I really hope this does not happen.

  5. Would a war with Venezuela help or hinder Trump at the next election? But as for Crypto, roll the dice. Some coins are pumping based on announcements and positive news which is more factual information than the speculation of war. Not sure about the flood gates as yet.

  6. The rothschilds have wanted to switch the currency to a gold backed currency. Convient for those who own all the gold eh? I’d bet those same people would love to sell all the crypto in the same fashion. Just as the imf and other central banks love to swoop in after a financial ‘disasterto save every one with money hot off the press. Even at that low low interest rate, you can make a lot of profit when you create the money or crypto. The more I keep thinking about all this…. Makes. More and more sense. As you point out, these people have had their hand in numerous conflicts from the American revolution all the way through WW1/WW2 and more.

    Hyvin .. I do hope they make it happen sooner than later so crypto can moon. At least a few of us can benefit in the wake.

  7. This is a very crucial time for bitcoin with the bearish market still dominating but with indications of a bull market approaching. $4,000 has proved to be a very strong resistance in the last few months and upon breaking this resistance with a little persistence, we are sure of the bulls taking charge. This makes it the best time to not only create a portfolio but also to build it by day trading with a working strategy and signal system for the less experienced. The best way to go about this from personal experience is to start by buying for those who don’t already hold coins and then trading actively with the guidance of one with a good success rate and my recommendation is Eric Caruso . I was able to quickly acquire over 6btc as return on my investment using his signals and a few of my friends also have great testimonies about him. Trading has become easy and even fun using his trade strategies and signals which are very accurate. His contact by mail is ericcaruso66@gmailcom. You can reach out to him if you are having issues with turning in consistent profit or if you need an experienced trader as a mentor in trading.

  8. Hmmmm, its good that the market is strong, at least now I trade and acquire more bitcoin
    with Eric’s strategy

  9. Problem is that BTC still is seen as the one. First of all that can only change if investors do their research. Secondly every exchange that it takes itself seriously should been listing only the top 50 projects. That way investors know what exchanges are the good ones. Also that way the top 50 project have better competition and realistic prices amongst projects. At the moment to me crypto space screams it is not mature enough. This is just my opinion and no advice in anyway.

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