Thaimaa Mahdolliset Crypto Power House Thai pörssi joutuu Bitcoin

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Thailand's stock exchange is applying to launch a cryptocurrency exchange, why is this important, and what has been happening in Thailand that might make it a big crypto player.


Thailand is becoming a critical country for blockchain


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Thaimaa Mahdolliset Crypto Power House Thai pörssi joutuu Bitcoin

27 kommentit

  1. hei Lark – any update on Cryptopia? I don’t remember you mentioning it at all unless I missed it. As you are in NZ, would love to get your view.

  2. Thailand government wants to have the monopoly on crypto exchanges and get their chunk of the profit from doing so.
    Case in point the government grows tobacco and controls all tobacco sales so they profit from it.
    In so they have completely banned vaping nation wide as it competes with gov’t controlled tobacco.

    SO I would be suspicious of the gov’t getting involved in the crypto exchange business as in the future they may decide to crush the competition with high fee’s, taxes, regulation and anything else to drive private exchanges out of town.

  3. Talked about it during my Livestream with Naomi the other day, but short story Cryptopia was D level exchange, so no surprises it got hacked, won’t hear more until the cops run their investigation, but in the big picture only a small hack

  4. There will be no place to run as the corporation takes over the world. We are in the last days of any type of freedom at all. The technotronic age is under foot.

  5. Your running out of crypto analysis, favorites etc filling in with general news, but using country trends to paint an interesting positive podcast.
    I feel it must be quite difficult to create a semi weekly talk.
    your doing a good job and i applaud your effort.
    I personally do not want crypto to be in any way sec regulated, I do not want large investor, bank money involved.
    Too much big brother fears and I wish all the banks go down harder then 2008 and do not get bailed out.

  6. Regulation is the hurdle we need to clear in order for adoption to really take hold. Trusting the govt to regulate it might be just another trap. With all the innovations in the space, couldn’t we use the decentralized nature of bitcoin to self-regulate? Using the immutable nature of the blockchain we could weed out the bad actors and then its just a question of how do we punish the bad guys. Leaving it up to a govt agency when it can still be influenced by greed and human nature would lead to even bigger frauds. The bigger the lie the harder they try, you taught us that Crow. Crypto has become a market of manipulation, by the exchanges, and for the whales. Instead of being of, mennessä, and for the people. Watching the charts lately, Bart Simpson has been getting his hair cut but the razor slipped and his neck is bleeding….LOL. Love the channel, jatka samoin.

  7. Joo, we could certainly do a lot in terms of self goverance, in fact I love the platforms like EOS, Cardano, TEZOS, etc that offer it, problem is we still rely on centralized exchanges, KYC fiat on ramps, and many cryptos lack any kind of governance. Tough road.

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