Telegram ICO Review For Decentralized Messenger Application

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Many people already use Telegram, making this ICO, already popular among the cryptocurrency world. In this video Ricky, goes through some of the talking points on this ICO. Everyone give Ricky a warm welcome to the channel. – Jeff

Telegram ICO Review For Decentralized Messenger Application

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  1. Everyone Give Ricky a Warm Altcoin Army Welcome. Let him know what you think of his review and Telegram along with recommendations for what projects you would like us to look at. – Jeff

  2. Ricky glad to have you as part of the alt coin army team you did an outstanding review on Ton! It was quick, easy, to the point. I enjoyed it thanks brotha

  3. NAV and OMG are on the rise and will surpass their peak soon, nav has a wallet and got involved with Changerly to add 80 plus tokens to purchase items and use your phone with the app to do so, just broke, and OMG as well great newsguys look into this, they are already established and are much safer than the ICO´s that at this moment is a big stay away from the top people in cryptos. zclassic will also only go up until the fork, the easiest gains ever. take in from a trader that does not like to lose. GOOD LUCK GUYS!

  4. I think your very wrong lol especially if you look at political youtube and whats going on with the demonetization of the content that youtube doesn’t like. content creators will eventually move to places like STEEMIT where they get a better cut of the profits and they 100% know their content cant be censored in any way. if you don’t see the value in taking away the monopoly their currently is on the internet away then I’m afraid your part of the wrong revolution bud.

  5. then why is this decentralized messaging app worth 5 billion dollars ? why does it have 170 miljoonaa käyttäjää ? why are 500000 new users signing up a day ? you have to understand the power of having a platform for people to be able to talk about anything and everything they want. freedom of speech is priceless my friend

  6. Telegram Messenger is not decentralized, Its a centralized company. You know that decentralization means that noone owns it except everyone? This is the fundamentals in crypto and telegram dont care about this. They want to own 52%, why? Greed? This ico is just a cash grab for them to boost their revenue.

  7. In your next video if you say my name is pickle rick and im with altcoin buzz in a rick voice from rick n morty il send u 2000 etn. You have to sound serious though etn address in video dont forget!!!

  8. how many youtubers are apart of this one youtube channel?? why cant everyone have their own channel? like ricks can make his own channel: altcoinbuzzricky

  9. Keep it up 🙂
    Suggestion: always check audio/video quality and levels before uploading. Or even before making the video. This one has a quite the low volume 🙂

  10. that’s not what decentralised means at all. decentralized infers to the wide spread placement of their servers across the world and not having them all in one centralized administrative centre, if we were going by your version then none of the coins not even bitcoin are decentralized because even bitcoins satoshi nakamoto owns 6billion worth of bitcoin and could flood the market at any second. crypto doesn’t just have to offer solutions to the worlds problems, theirs room for profitability and ethical thinking too.

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