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Alex and I chat about the state of the crypto markets. Check his channel here.
Come along and join the fun, as always trying to answer as many questions as I can!

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Kiitos katsomisesta; ole hyvä ja tykkää, merkitä, ja jakaa jos olet löytänyt tämän hyödyllisen!

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State of the Crypto Markets – Nugget's News & Crypto Lark Yhteisön Chat

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  1. @6:40: Sorry Lark, Yhdysvallat. punishes people for nonviolent offenses, such that they CANNOT vote. The only injustice left, that the criminal justice system hasn’t done is tax the folks that they’ve created records for, for not being able to vote.

  2. Your content is phenomenal. It brings to light the use case of crypto and makes this not seem like the silly, young 20something geeky male internet hobby. This space will be bigger than massive, and I’m grateful you’re bringing real issues/discussion to your viewers.

  3. Smart phone voting will never work. Fraud would be too easy. But worse, suppression would be inevitable. They already know everything about you and your phone, and if they wanted to shut you down on voting day, or intercept signal from your device, they could do it in a strategically targeted way against whatever group of voters they wanted to. They already have lists of citizens whose opinions they dont like, and be sure they would target them in any PDA voting scheme. Any trustworthy voting system must require you to prove your humanity and identity by showing up at a monitored polling station and casting a ballot into a pool there.

  4. AI verfied digital facial recognition polling? We need to find a better system than we have right now, because it is really not working, one of the biggest hurdles of regular voting methods is needing everyone to go to one place, basically highly centralizedit can be decentralized

  5. +The Crypto Lark blockchain voting yes. But it must be done in person at public places. We could match video records of votes being cast at such places with private keys of each voter, all combined on the blockchain for physical verifications of each digital vote cast. At least we must have some such way of confirming that a particular citizen cast each vote that is counted. Otherwise AI can easily be used to steal the election, by blocking some voters from participating or by creating fake voters and votes.

  6. +The Sharper Sword There will be a lot of kinks to work out, but I know we can build a better system for 21st century voting, maybe public places are the key, but if it was all automated then we could have more locations available as it would require fewer humans to be present

  7. RIGHT WITH YOU on your drugs view lark . if you decriminalize it , all the drug dealers would have to get a job , LOL.

  8. Globalisation ; Code for Financial Colonialism. A slow motion corporate coup detat 40 vuosia tekeillä. Now the water is at boiling point and thefrogsdon’t know they’re dieing. A henious but ingenious system.

  9. When Lark was about to say his solution for France, I was genuinely dissappointed when he never said reintroduce the guillotine. kiuru, Alex was right about Brexit, you are very misinformed if you think remaining in the EU for Britain is the best solution. The EU beurocracy is a dying entity, it is corrupt to the core and hands power to the unelected globalist elite. Theresa May the traitorous witch is doing the bidding for the globalist elite dragging this out and stabbing her nation in the back. Her husbands firm made a killing from the bombing of Syria. They want the people of Britain terrified of leaving the EU so that they can cancel it or when we do leave the economy will be ruined so they can have us begging to get back in with a horrible deal, probably with us giving up the pound for the Euro. European Ethnic Nationalism is the only answer to this campaign to destroy us. They squeeze evry last penny from us so its impossible to afford children while deliberately facilitating the mass migration of predominantly fighting age males from non European countries. Their mainstream media institutions hide and cover up the massive amounts of rapes being carried out against European women and children by these invaders. Lark you have a good heart but are very naive.

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