Stash Invest – aloittaen $100!

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Ostaa, myydä, mitä pitäisi tehdä?

Keep it tuned right here on the Techcrackhouse for news, vihjeitä, ja parhaita tapoja investoida.

Ota tilata ja vastaavat, se auttaa paljon.
I upload more regularly than Hillary checks her email.


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I AM ei mitenkään markkinoiden ammattilaisen; Käytä omaa harkintaa HANKINTA VARASTOJEN ja muutoin. En ole vastuussa JA voitot tai tappiot, joita saattaa ilmetä.

MARKKINAT luonnostaan ​​riskialtista, Ja sinun tulisi sijoittaa ainoastaan ​​MITÄ olet täysin valmis menettämään.

Stash Invest – aloittaen $100!

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  1. Today wasn’t a good day for stocks. Maybe make a video about what to do when your stocks go down, maybe some advice about when to keep hold of stocks or sell them off?

  2. You know what’s funny? Paying 1 bucks a month equal to 12 bucks per year. And what you invest and get back which is 3 bucks isn’t a whole lot. You are practically losing more then what you earn. LOL

  3. Lee Wayne Blue piercing.. I’ve heard alot of voices in my day and piercing would be the farthest from it. Full volume headphones I imagine.. you are the one to blamecongrats on the hearing loss due to stupidity though. When you are in your mid twenties you will want that back.. hearing is non recoverable though, so learn brail and sign language before it goes

  4. I just came here in the united states for like 2 weeks ago. I heard this stash thing in the advertisements. Wonder how it works and if its really works. You know im a 22 years old guy unfamilliar of how things work here. Everything for me is new. Hope some one will explain this thing to me the easiest way. I just want to build something forcthe future you know.

  5. +Carl Jasson Abo hey, thanks for watching! I’m making some videos for new investors currently; stick around to learn some more!

  6. there is a lot of Bernie Madof’s around nowadays I’m glad I look around youtube 1st for information saw the advertisement on twitter. I would like to start investing money in things but their is always a catch Honest has just gone out the window

  7. I hope you do well I watched a lot of videos include I see you have some new update videos on here some people’s are saying they don’t make money like they thought they would make a lot of money I learned in life you have to be patience

  8. Actually a 25% return is great! People just start at different scales; and apply the same smart investing techniques.

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