Stable CryptocurrencyMaker Dai, Digix Gold, Havven Nomin, True USD, and USD Tether Explained

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The crypto markets are famously volatile, stable coins represent a highly valuable tool for the market, but which one is best? Maker Dai, USD Tether, True USD, Havven Nomin, or Digix Gold ?

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Stable CryptocurrencyMaker Dai, Digix Gold, Havven Nomin, True USD, and USD Tether Explained

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  1. After many years watching videos on Youtube, diverse topics, lots of interesting, alternative, challenging Youtubers, revolutionaries, visionaries, theorists and entertainers, I have watched them all and have never subscibed to any. Don’t know why. Mutta tänään, I subscribed to The Crypto Lark because this guy exudes integrity. kiuru, your compassion for your viewers is obvious and beautiful. Your information is on-point. Your ethis are faultless. Your insight is deep. kuitenkin, I would like you to change the opening credit music to something less doom-like. lol just chancing my arm

  2. Hey Maureen, thanks for the message! The key idea of the intro is represent leaving the dark dystopian past and to enter a bright new exciting future 🙂

  3. hei Lark. Thank you so much for doing this video, loved the compare and contrast. I hope for the day that stable coins are no longer necessary and if people were a little more brave in the here and now we wouldn’t need them at all. Waiting for the day that crypto becomes an unstoppable force, like a raging river. I believe it will, because just like before it, industrialism and capitalism just made sense and once a tipping point was reached it flowed forth from the revelation of good sense that it made.

  4. when you hedge /tether you are probably expecting the market to go back up……..this being the case my strategy is flip flopping between coins which can be done in a rising or falling market…….because coins rise and fall at vastly different rates….example litecoin goes up 5% but skycoin goes down 5%…………flip a portion of ltc to sky……then when sky gains say 7% and anotherr coin say EOS drops 5% flip the sky for EOS………..what you end up with is lots more coins but obviously only works on the assumption that the market will cycle

  5. Loved this video Lark! I believe the fluctuations in Maker Dai were on exchanges only, as in the contracts and collateral themselves have always functioned correctly and stayed pegged to $1. Love, love, love Maker and what it always you to do!

  6. Great video Lark! I might be biased due to owning some, but I love the Havven token. Very interested to watch it’s progress over the next few months.

  7. The most stable is X8Currency, not vulnerable to extreme crypto market volatility, backed by gold and basket of major currencies by UBS bank.

  8. Excellent subjectInformative & thorough. Kiitos Lark
    Perhaps we should all boycott tether before it’s too late!

  9. Thats one WEIRD intro you got here man (the moon looks like he’s high and it kinda looks like the bird is the drug dealer???wat) but lol never mind you got good info here.

  10. lol glad i came back to this video for some infonow im going to see that image every intro thanx 😛

  11. New stable coins make fluctuation of the main coin Tether. They are trying to oppose
    Tether creating news and titles but its noothing

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