SophiaTX CEO Jaroslav KacinaOn the Edge of Blockchain for Business

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Jaroslav Kacina CEO of SophiaTX and I talk about business, lohkoketjua, markkinointi, and what is going to give SophiaTX the edge over the competitors.
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SophiaTX CEO Jaroslav KacinaOn the Edge of Blockchain for Business

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  1. One of the best projects behind almost unknown name on the market. I am invested in for couple of weeks already and I expect big things happening from SophiaTX. Myös, the CEO is really nice and active person on social networks and he definitely knows what he is talking about!

  2. Lark when do you get time to eat, sleep, breathe? Haha you just keep smashing out those videos mate 👍🏻🔥🚀

  3. hei Lark. Keep up the good work. Please do more interviews like these. Its very informative and nice to understand the vision from someone who actually works for the company they’re speaking about.

  4. Thanks for the insight. Not sure about this one. Sounds like it’s just a rip of popular name dropsSophia” tekoäly, graphene. Anything to make it sound advanced. With the target business user and competition for this here’s one he didn’t mention. LISK. Will definitely do more research on this but I need alot more convincing that it’s not just talk.

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