Smart Cash Review – Älykkäämpiä kryptovaluutta varten älykkäämpiä Future

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SmartCash Cryptocurrency in making using and holding crypto rewarding……yeah, and it is a privacy coin too!

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Smart Cash Review – Älykkäämpiä kryptovaluutta varten älykkäämpiä Future

26 kommentit

  1. You make the most videos, the best videos, even the big crypto youtubers watch your videos (they mentioned it a few times) yet after all this time you are still not getting the subscribers you deserve in comparison to some others! Is there no justice ?!

    And you have the coolest vibe!

  2. Don’t have fast transactions, must be bitcoin” LOL!

    I like that SmartCash has a username for send/receive. BitShares does the same thing and I think it is a good idea towards a more user friendly experience. Nodes seem to be the “sisään” thing right now. A lot of the newer privacy coins are doing it. Shield, COLX, Phore. Do you have any thoughts on some of the con’s of masternodes? Some have said it limits privacy, isn’t truly decentralized at that point..etc.

  3. Great Video. But I do not see your SmartCash donation address here. It will be great if you can include the same in description so that if anyone wants to donate some they will know where to send SMART.

  4. Love your videos Crytp Lark. Already jimped in smartcash. However bougt at .20 . Not worried much as i am long term hodler

  5. Smart Cash is very interresting, Kiitos!! you got show some love also for LindaCoin (mainly traded on Cryptopia!), mies… at 3 satoshis/coin and over 30 btc volume in 24 hrs, it looks extremely interresting! Happy Holidays y’all!!

  6. STAY FAR AWAY FROM SMARTCASH !!! My wallet has been locked since the first of the year on cryptopia with zero support from either thescamcashcrew or the exchange.

  7. Seriously want to get in on this after this vid! Love your presence, your work has increased my understanding of crypto. Thanks for sharing in the way you do!

  8. There was a wallet hack, which was the reason why cryptopia had to block smartcash withdrawals. That was temporary, and many were able to get their coins out.

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