SingularityNET / AGI – AI Marketplace for the Future

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The team at SingularityNET are bring a decentralized AI marketplace to the blockchain. Rising demand and interest may just make this the right idea at the right time. A hyper connected intelligent future is coming, can they stake out a strong position in that economy?

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SingularityNET / AGI – AI Marketplace for the Future

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  1. Excellent review, kiuru! SingularityNET!!!! I want to add that Ben Goertzel has many huge AI contracts with multi-billion dollar corporations that he will be integrating onto the platform as soon as the 1.0 is released. Instant business! Previous clients of his consulting business have been DARPA and Intel and other massive organizations. Very few projects launch with such massive clients built in. The future looks bright, kiuru! Gotta wear shades! Long live.

  2. Hell to the YEAH! 13:12 did it for me 👍 Im pumped! Im buying more Nexus and scaling in some AGI. Been waiting for a bottom but no harm in a little taste now.

  3. Their project is so bold that I think it is the most risky investment I have ever made on crypto market but I have never been so proud to be part of a project as an investor. What they are planning to do is fantastic and almost unbelievable. If they succeed, it will totally reshape the world as we know it.

  4. Was looking into this over the weekend and went down the rabbit hole. Started with blockchain then on to SophiaLegal citizenship! What! but that was just the beginningBitcoin created by AIself healing when under attackIlluminatiHollow Earth and feekin aliens lol

  5. Are we still completely ignorant to the fact that our technological advances are MUCH TOO FAR ahead of our emotional/ spiritual development. This will be a disaster for humanity long term.

  6. Singularity net has quite a few tinfoil hat trolls making some funny videos. I will definitely be investing in this one been following it for the last few months it is definitely solid

  7. ServantOfNone The singularity_net team was invited to speak at the prestigious 2018 World Economic Forum what does that tell you. They have recently partnered with Nexus Earth 3D blockchain. Do your own research, this is going to be big.

  8. Nexus is another extremely ambitious project, one that I thought was a little far fetched in my opinion. Do you have links tomany contracts AI contractscoz i have done my research and couldn’t find them. Links to contracts please

  9. nope. “cosmismlook it up.
    goertzel wrote a book called Cosmist menifesto.
    having Ai doesn’t mean you can just sit on your couch and eat nachos bought using UBI.
    its much more than that.

  10. This project should be getting the same attention as the top 10 cryptos. AI will be in the blood streams of EVERY industry. And I listen carefully to what Ben Goertzel says about “obsoleting the big tech companies such as Google, Amazon, jne. Of course it has to deliver but I’m confident with some of the top AI experts on their team and grabbing partnership after partnership. Especially, with Deepbrain chain who most thought was a major competitor.

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