Yksinkertainen Token kryptovaluutta – Time To Buy OST?

Paras kryptoperiodin curencies välittäjä == ► Aloita tästä

Simple Token is hot off a strong ICO, backed by strong tech and large team ready to deliver blockchain to applications.

Yksinkertainen Token kryptovaluutta – Time To Buy OST?

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  1. Jeff, curious are you holding all these coins on exchanges? I’ve also been picking up 1-3 coins per week. Kiitos!

  2. Man we are in a bull market lol. If we sleep now we will look back and say WTF was I doing sleeping during the bull run.

  3. I work 12 hour shifts at my real job. I’m coming up on my four day weekend. Doing nothing but Uber and Ebay this weekend for investment funds. We are in a true window of opportunity in our time.

  4. Great project, and another cool platform to open an easier door into the blockchain. A lot of potential & that team is great!!!!!!!!! A very good 2018 to come for OST (yksinkertainen Token).

  5. I was thinking of buying simple token for a while today. Researching and now you just confirmed it all. I’m buying.

  6. Jeff, we really appreciate the analysis of all these coins. However with so many coins analysed its hard to know which ones are the best. It would be great if you could rank them or pick your best in a future video thanks!

  7. Jeffie Jeff’s Art same i literally just 30min ago saw it and looked into it and now this video is upp im inn🔥🔥💸

  8. Seriously gotta be quick with these trades, I saw the reddcoin video and didn’t take action, it jumped nearly 400% tänään!!!

  9. He’s not a greedy guy like some of the YouTube’s. He is truly passionate about crypto and you can see that just through detail and frequent posts. He’s happy with what he probably makes off profits in crypto. Thanks jeff

  10. No idea what OST does, but I’m in because Jeff’s in. Just bought 10000.

    Bought XVG and it went up, bought Wabi and it went up, bought ETHOS and it went up, bought EOS and it went up, bought IOTA and it went up, bought NEO and it went up………bought a bunch of others and they went up to.

  11. I’ve got the same issue. I’ve got so many friggincoins all going up 100-300% per month that I can hardly keep track of them.

  12. Rebel Mindset INC fuckoff dude . you can pay but how will rest of us ?? and one day if whales started to pay him , then your money wont be enough and we all will get no videos .

  13. Jeff, do a coin on GIFTOsold out ICO in 1 min!!!!! sisään 1 min!!! Please for the love of God do a vid on this!!

  14. He is awesome at what he does, but come on man… 95% of the top 200 alt coins are up exponentially over the past month. A monkey could have invested and made money. With that being said, YES i did get into OST!!!! LOL

  15. Billy Birdy lmao, as I read this, I hear Jeff saythis isn’t financial device, do not buy into something just because I do”. I also bought into its.

  16. albert list WABI is present in china to prevent people getting the wrong milk for kids this with rfid tech. The problem is that the fake milk was been sold from the begining in unlisted stores where average customer barely use a smartphone. Now if this idea will be adapted or not by others companies is a big bet.

  17. You can make $250-300 a month from plasma. Say you decided to do a month and put in $250 in Verge when it was .01. your LMAO@ plasma would have turned into $4k when it hit near .16

  18. I’m in Electroneum, Verge, LiteCoin, Ethereum and of course BTC. I’m trying to get some heavy funds produced to get on Vertcoin, väre (speculation if it hits coinbase), Ethereum Blue. I’m looking and researching to see some hidden penny gems before they explode. I’m guessing that these next few months are going to be explosive man and I want in on the ride on the way to a trillion dollar market.

  19. im in for the long term. Been on board since the day it listed on binance. Bought in at 1700 satoshis and have been adding to my position continuously since.

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