Should You Use the ACORNS Investing App?

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Should You Use the ACORNS Investing App?

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  1. I was thinking that Robin Hood would sooo much cooler if you could have some kind of social media in it such as friends lists and stock watch posts and stock suggestions.

    What are you thoughts?

    p.s I use moderate aggressive on acorns with $1,300 invested and so far it’s good and grows.

  2. Acorns works best if round ups are on. You won’t see much gains from just putting money in and walking away. You have to have the round ups on to see major gains.

  3. +Mzox210 hey there! I understand where you’re coming from. As someone who doesn’t often make frequent small purchases, round ups are completely pointless for me. I recieve much greater benefit from depositing lump sums than I do from round ups, as it takes me almost two weeks to cross the round ups threshold.

  4. hyvä video, i know its a trustworthy app if you had nothing bad to say about it. wish you wouldve left your refer a friend code at the end of the video for a free $5

  5. It’s a fantastic app. Started last year and by doing the round ups with a 2x multiple, weekly recurring investment and occasional one-time investments, it appreciates in value quickly.

  6. I feel like that is the point, vaikka, to make it effortless for someone who doesn’t have a thousand dollars laying around to invest to get into investing. Doing the math, you’d need a few hundred in the account to not lose money on a monthly basis, but hey. That’s what the roundups and periodic investments are for. Just the way I’m using the app. I have it set to automatically invest five bucks every Friday. Along with the five, it pulls all the aggregated roundups, even if they haven’t hit five yet. Altogether, it was around 7.50 that I put in Friday.

  7. tammenterhoja. Just keep in mind that you need a few hundred invested before your gains outweigh the dollar a month service charge. Bearing in mind that I’ll lose a fraction of a dollar a month until I cross that threshold, I still use Acorns because it’s easy for someone who has never been exposed to the investing world, and they have a newsletter and articles within the app to help me get educated about what exactly I’m doing.

  8. Mzox210

    Round ups aren’tgainsany more than putting change in a jar are gains. It’s just talking money you’ll pay back later from your credit card and putting onto acorns. Gains come from profits through the investments. Myös, he he washappy” kanssa $17 gain (after fees), in a four month period??? wow, that is super low and nothing to be amazed or excited about.

  9. Jim Dodd He had it in conservative stocks. That’s for people who are older and want to make sure their money keeps up with inflation without the risk of wiping out your life savings. If he was a 60 year old with 300k then that would have been a great return.

  10. Although I was aware of Acorns a couple of years ago, I just started using a few days ago.

    As I get to know it, yep, it seems that it’s value really lies one being able to more painlessly sock away money, than it does in investment growth, although that could simply be a current state of the market right now.

    What I do feel as I use it, is that I hope that people don’t round up funds from a credit card. I could be wrong as, I’m new to it and no financial guru, but it would seem to me that, if you rounded up from credit card purchases, you need to balance out whether that would be worth it since it appears that what you’d be rounding up and accumulating on one end, you’d be paying credit card interest in the other. That it may look good on one end, but that you’d be increasing your debt and possibly lowering your net worth in the long run.

    Vielä, I like the app. Although there haven’t been any gains during the first few days of 2X rounding up and, itse asiassa, a bit of a decline instead, I still think it is a good way to have one’s mind on savings, watching their money, and seeing what affects the changes on screen. Minulle, Acorns wasn’t meant to be my major means of saving and investing anyway, unless I got lucky or there was something I just didn’t know. Just a way to learn, experiment and get into the habit of finding one more way of putting away money.

  11. This video is amazing guys eh! What is your opinion about Mylo it invests the spare change. It has good reviews and I really want to try it. Is it safe and working?

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