Incognito Node Unboxing, Setup, Staking and First Impressions!!

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Basic unboxing, setup, and first impressions of the incognito node. This is not a sponsored video, though we were sent the Incognito node from the team at incognito. For more info visit -
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Incognito Node Unboxing, Setup, Staking and First Impressions!!

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Luoma Sara Bauer ja Richard Abermann

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  1. I will remain cautions on this until I see confirmation. I will say this though, you are amazing for this space. Switched on, hard working, vaikuttava.

  2. Interesting. So prv is like a staking version of monero? Reminds me of nano with how little hardware is needed to be a node.

  3. olen samaa mieltä, will take a little time for confirmation and full testing. Tällä hetkellä, we are still testing it and see if it’s worth it. Hard to say before atleast 3 months of using it really.

  4. Joo, it is something like that. though i am still not able to determine the extent of decentralization possible on it. Still digging for a few answers and privacy is a bit complicated to understand at the protocol level. Will update when i understand more.

  5. Don’t forget that China always uses the principles of SUN TZU ~ THE ART OF WAR < Keep your friends close and your enemies closer >
    … … … … … …
    I’m so interested in knowing what will happen next year after the dust has settled. Will the whole World condemn China’s incompetence and cover-up in handling of the Wuhan outbreak or just sweep this issue under the rug? ...

  6. I love this video!!! ❤️ Guys, on 50% off for the next 24 tuntia, if you decide to try it out 🙂

  7. It’s best to mine Bitcoin and not only is it a very well established coin, adding to the BTC decentralization is one of the best things to do in this space.
    Whereas for the incognito node product has a low price point for entry and I find it interesting. Only over time can we determine if it’s worth it.

  8. juu, but we do not try to make a new privacy coin. PRV is just a utility to power the network. The main use case of the Incognito network is allowing private transactions for pubic protocols when BTC, ETH, ERC20, BNB have same attributes as Monero.

  9. @Kuldeepsingh Murgod Yep it works everywhere where is an internet connection. And today is actually good moment, coz we round promo with DAI and give 50% discount if you pay in DAI.

  10. I don’t know if I trust that device, their site is really bad and none of the marketcap sites i looked at list PRV. Seeing as this project isn’t that well known it would have been helpful to first talk about what Incognito is. Hard pass for me.

  11. @dj Kaleido That’s the great thing about the incognito community. They’re there because they care about privacy. It’s not about making more money. Siitä huolimatta, that will happen too when Incognito’s privacy becomes the default for crypto transactions.

  12. Henkilökohtaisesti, two reasons:
    This brings privacy to crypto, including BTC. ja, when Incognito becomes the standard for every crypto transaction because of that privacy, the PRV you mine can be worth much more. But ultimately, the project is not about the money, but about bringing privacy to crypto.

  13. @Altcoin Buzz I bought this early on and to be honest was underwhelmedat first. There has been massive updates to the app. Everyone should read the roadmap to truly see where this is headed. And they are knocking these milestones out on time. I bought another node yesterday.

  14. Good stuff, owned a pNode for 4 months now and can honestly say it was money well spent. If earning crypto without the computer savvy needed to start is your first option , this self filling piggy bank is for you. Set it forget it check it monthly.You can learn about crypto at your own pace while you pnode earns.

  15. @Aaron Ahmadi Anyone can do what they want with PRV including trading it into btc or tetherthen sending it to another exchange. I was doing such before the awesome 57% staking rewards became available on the app. I now keep all my prv as price has more than double to $0.75.

  16. On this moment no, but If ripple change algorithm to PoS, than you can run it 🙂 the Node will support any kind of proof of stake networks.

  17. Yeah I get that. The website used to be very pretty and salesy, but we changed it on purpose so that it wasn’t attracting people who wouldn’t understand the point of the project. Siitä lähtien, we’ve seen more than 1000% growth in the website use, 900% in liquidity pools, and the token price has nearly doubled. We do what we do to make a quality project, not a good looking speculative cash cow 🙂 Also, marketcap is coming soon!

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