“Crazy 70X Bitcoin Growth WILL FOLLOW Low In NEXT MONTHS”Why BTC ACE Knows BTC TO BLAST After Dip

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I AM ei mitenkään markkinoiden ammattilaisen; Käytä omaa harkintaa HANKINTA VARASTOJEN ja muutoin. En ole vastuussa JA voitot tai tappiot, joita saattaa ilmetä.

MARKKINAT luonnostaan ​​riskialtista, Ja sinun tulisi sijoittaa ainoastaan ​​MITÄ olet täysin valmis menettämään.

KURSSIKEHITYS ILMESTYY videonimikkeitä ja muutoin ovat omat LAUSUNNOT; Ne ovat millään tavoin liity LAUSUNNOISTA alan asiantuntijoita.

Olen omistavat tällä hetkellä osakkeisiin investoinnit, JOUKKOVELKAKIRJALAINAT, JA CRYPTOCURRENCIES.

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“Crazy 70X Bitcoin Growth WILL FOLLOW Low In NEXT MONTHS”Why BTC ACE Knows BTC TO BLAST After Dip

37 kommentit

  1. Vau, this channel has totally lost the plot, couple months ago you said was the last chance to buy bitcoin under 10k and it would be new high by EOY 😂😂😂😂

  2. How do these assholes stay bullish? Clearly lt hasn’t bottomed. And it will take years to even hit the all time peak..

  3. Hi can anyone help .
    Can you please tell me what a stable coin is.
    And what it is used for in simple terms do I can understand.

  4. Do you really have anything new to say day after day? You are just saying the same thing over and over with different wordings.

  5. Btc is gonna go up and I’m a strong believer because my expert manager and strategist, Mr Danny Brondolf has shown some highlights that proves so.

  6. Hi Steve
    Thank you for your reply.
    So if Bitcoin was at 5000
    Do I buy stable coins in order to get my money back with out actually cashing in so I won’t have to pay taxes on profit because I haven’t cashed out to Fiat?

  7. olen samaa mieltä kanssasi. I’ve seen a few signs but more of the reverse. I’m thinking of investing and I need someone to make me believe

  8. Why not admit that you haven’t got a clue what’s going on. Your no different from the rest of us in the crypto gameyou can’t predict a damn thing. Admit this and maybe your videos will offer something worth while.

  9. Hi
    I’m based in the UK.
    So I believe that we only pay the tax when we cash out into Fiat
    But I maybe wrong .
    Can anyone out there comment.
    Thank A2k L

  10. Joo, what we are seeing is that Bitcoin is tied to the oil market. Because Trump just f**ked the Saudi’s by giving oil wavers to countries that buy oil from Iran, Tuolla on 2 million plus surplus of oil on the market. That’s why it is effecting Bitcoin and other securities.

  11. he is the real deal I had already given up on trading when I decided to give him a try. Turned out to be the best decision i ever made, i’m making 6 figures every month.

  12. KKay brunal I too am from the UK and don’t understand if it is per transaction or cash out to fiat by from what I can imagine you inform HMRC of what you pit in too which you have cash out as that’s what I’m going on by

  13. Mr Jacob Lowery, he is a remarkable trader no doubt. I actually see a future for binary options with him. He could be of help if contacted on WhatsApp (+ 19292243708)

  14. what do l have to say, if not a very big thanks to Mr. Jacob whose tradng techniques makes me live the life of my dreams. Trust me guys, he is a good man..

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