Buy Tron or Buy Burst Coin? Cryptocurrency Due for Bull Run in 2018?

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Tron and Burst Coin appear to be sleeping giants. So I took out a position on both of them today, while the market conditions are slow and lacking enthusiasm. These are not day trading positions for me as I plan to HODL.

Buy Tron or Buy Burst Coin? Cryptocurrency Due for Bull Run in 2018?

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  1. Love me some Tron. The lead of Tron, Justin Sun, is boys with Jack Ma who owns Alibaba. Tron has huge potential in Asian markets and already has partnerships lined up. All aboard Tron Train.

  2. Forgive the copy and paste comment. but I am not writing this out again. Exactly the same sentiments apply:

    Here’s some advice for a newbie just getting into this. If you’ve seen it on YouTube, you’re already too late. I got into Verge at 0.005, ReddCoin at 0.003 and Tron when it was 0.002. Literally no one was talking about any of these coins on YouTube at the time.

    There are a lot of channels that pretend to beall knowingor offer ascientific method” (cough Suppoman) for investingignore them! They don’t know what they’re talking about, it’s all speculation. Everyone on YouTube is guessing, everyone investing is guessing, if you have a gut feeling and like that coin (for whatever reason), invest what you can afford and wait PATIENTLY.

    All of the coins I have invested in have gone 10x plus. Why did I invest? Because I liked the ethos of the company and what they were offering, the technology behind it and what problem they were trying to solve. I had 100% certainty that they would at least double, if not treble in value within a month. I put 1k in each and I now I have 50K from a 3K investment within 3 viikkoa.

    I’m not singling out this channel, far from it, because this is one of the better channels, but there are a lot of idiots on YouTube pretending to be experts, when in fact, they are not. They jump on a band wagon, way after the horse has already bolted. It’s easy to post a video on Verge when it’s already gone up 1000%.

    My advice to anyone trying to make a lot of money in cryptos right now, is to invest into smaller value alt coins that have a potential to explode. If I had just gone into Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Iota (or any other of the top 10 kolikot) , I would have made 30-40%, which is good, but not as good as 8x, 10x and 17x on all of the above.

  3. @n1kobefan I seen the post, it’s on “Jan 10 2018 ”. Justin sun would of say so . That’s a fake post !!! Burning coins and locking them up are totally different things . But I Truly Believe in his fine work . At a young age,20 something. He has millions from his project he had done under his belt . Do that research!!!

  4. Not yet, but Tron is being used with a very large bike sharing app in China. The partnership was announced recently.

  5. Cryptoman TV I posted his live stream link on this comment section , watch all 55:00 mins . He mentioned about doing something similar to what ripple did . Not giving much details .. but not burning his coins , like what ripple did .

  6. Jeff I did extensive research and I put $10K @ 250k TRX TRON because of the team behind it. Justin Sun is the next generation Jack Ma. Alibaba is Amazon and eBay combined for China! When they adopt TRON for those sites Tron HODL guys will be screamingI’m rich biaatch!”

  7. @Romeo WaVy on this comment section I posted a link to Justin sun live stream video . If not type Justin sun live stream

  8. Same here 0.002. Got myself 1,000,000 of those Tronnies, can’t believe how much I’ve made & still got loads to make!! Goooo TRON!!!

  9. Got myself in @ 0.002. Got myself 1,000,000 of those Tronnies, can’t believe how much I’ve made & still got loads to make!! Still plenty of time to jump in before the real moon begins. It’s gonna be biblical!! Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals 😉

  10. Gotti TV if coins are locked up there’s a chance the price can increase because there would be less coins in circulation. Tron owns a majority of their coins.

  11. you guys are ridiculous. its a good idea, but there is yet any product available to the masstron wont have a product till the next 3 years or so.

  12. +family guy becuase he obviously said under a $1. this is how people lose their money. a simple not paying attn cost you thousands.

  13. yeh some people are just happe with douvling their money, some of these channels do actually make avid before the thing double or tripples, so some people just watch and go buy, jälkeen 2 days its doubled, easy money..

  14. @john jackson This channel is very good with early picks. I’ve seen a few they’ve mentioned that weren’t on my radar and I invested immediately. Suppoman is pretty good with the early stuff too. There’s only one or two channels worth watching for investement opportunites. The rest seem to be BTC fanboys and are really against this new wave of alt coins taking over.

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