”Bitcoin n hinnanalennuksen paranee vasta Bitcoin” – Japanin Ekonomisti selittää

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Artikkelit: https://news.bitcoin.com/japanese-economist-explains-why-another-bitcoin-price-surge-is-unlikely/

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httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v = kanava / UCp7Gqpl9Kqiggr_Rs03X5pA

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”Bitcoin n hinnanalennuksen paranee vasta Bitcoin” – Japanin Ekonomisti selittää

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  3. Price drop won’t improve bitcoin, it will kill it. He’s only thinking of what’s more convenient to trade it short time, but nothing about sustainablility. Its value still has to grow, even if it’s more slowly.

  4. Good video, it makes sense why btc price drop will help btc to get better! now I better understand deeponion’s price (stable too)

  5. I remain bullish. The fact bitcoin is stabilizing will give many third world investors renewed faith to get back in to escape their failing economies.

  6. I disagree with the Japanese economist on many levels.

    1. The CME and CBOE do not actually possess Bitcoin to affect the price.

    2. Bitcoin is following past behavior, it has major gains and than declines 50% että 80%, whats going on is nothing new to its price.

    3. A lot of negative variables occured at the start of the year to help the decline in Bitcoins priceMt Gox irresponsibly dumping hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin on the open market for about 3 kuukaudet, China and India (Billions of people) shutting down the crypto-exchanges in their country and the lack of SEC regulation in the US are all MAJOR causes for this current decline in Bitcoins price, if Mt Gox and China and India didn’t do what they did Bitcoin might be at $50K+ right now. Mt Gox, China and India were a perfect storm to bring down Bitcoins price, because China and India were off line during the Mt Gox sell off, which didn’t allow the Bitcoins to be bought back up and a lot of them still aren’t bought up, which is why the price has gone back up.

    The majority of Bitcoins previous run up to $20K was done by blue collar retail buyers, the next run up will be done by the U.S. billionaire boys club after the SEC gives clear insight on regulations and allows ETF’s. The announcement of a Bitcoin ETF will be major. If that happens even though Bitcoin is global, Yhdysvallat. alone will push its price up north of $50K when institutional money starts buying Bitcoin up by the bulk. Then when China and India comes back on line because they will not want to lose the race to accumulate, the rest of the world will follow suit. Now is not the time to be out of Bitcoin. Plus the majority of these crypto-currencies will be considered securities wiping out maybe %95 of them from the crypto market which means the majority of that money that wants to stay in crypto will put it in Bitcoin and the other 5% that survived drive the price even higher. Again now is not the time to be out of Bitcoin, when the market turns bullish it will be for legitimate reasons and wont have the negative things happen to it that happened to start 2018 and the next Bull run will explosive and long for unbelievable gains.

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