Bitcoin Mining in December 2017 – Still Profitable?

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PLEASE NOTE: I used eBay pricing for the miners in this video. If you see any lower prices on retail websites for these miners, please keep in mind that miners sold directly by retailers are almost NEVER available. Tästä syystä, secondhand prices are some of the most accurate for the time being.


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Bitcoin Mining in December 2017 – Still Profitable?

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  1. Guys I am mining from 2010 and if any single human being ever tells you that mining (yleisesti) is not profitable, or is dying you have 2 choices either make a huge joke out of him/her or ignore completely. I think the reason for this kind of videos is to build youtube revenue and to remain actual inside the crypto community for further revenue through pre-paid advertising.

  2. I miss the time I could mine with USB sticks. I made 0.3 BTC and paid maybe like 300 dollars with fiat and HODLed. So they were profitable in the long run. That was until 2014.

  3. Interesting, I have the free nights from 9 pm to 6 am electric plan. Looking to possibly turn the free electricity into money.

  4. That doesnt sount rightUSB sticks came along in June 2013 and cost something like 3 coin each which was three hundred bucksyou definitely should have just bought the coin.

  5. You do realize they will crash Bitcoin so they can take it overfor your safety
    Hahahaha….. Everything is foryour safety”. As they take your rights away.

  6. People are not taking into consideration of power usage..ur gonna waste your time breaking eventhat’s plus other electricity cost

  7. Suppose there is a power cut or my internet is down, what happens to the mining after i get my service (internet / electricity) back?

  8. all i have to do it hit the button on this super-cool faucet website once a day every day for 5.87 years and i will have 30000 satoshis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i’m considering upgrading to 2wice a day, but taking weekends off.

    math is hard.

  9. i have more than 13000 kw hours of electric power with 1500 more every month. anyone interested in mining with this for a fee?

  10. Are you interested in BTC mining? mining gives you access to three times your investment. Do you know you can earn 0.05btc in three weeks with the help of Mr Joseph terry you can easily contact him on WhatsApp +19519996500 You are going to thank me later

  11. Hai sobat bitcoin mania & ethereum mania, nih ada 4 aplikasi super legit (satu grup) yg asli membayar.

    Tugas sangat mudah, cuma lihat iklan dan sharing, minimum WD nya sangat ringan dan cepat terpenuhi, WD melalui XAPO atau Coinbase.

    Kita tetap bisa WD meski tidak melakukan sharing, no invest, membayar setiap hari Sabtu waktu server, mungkin hari Minggu waktu Indonesia (tapi sy pernah dibayar sebelum hari Sabtu waktu server, kira2 dua hari setelah WD).

    Kalo saya sih lebih suka WD lewat Coinbase, lebih simple, kalo di XAPO akun sy tidak bisa ACC meski sudah melalui prosedur yg rumit yg bertele2, padahal sudah sempat WD ke XAPO. Hilang deh. Sadly.

    Bagi yg belum punya dompet Coinbase, silakan daftar di sini (jauh lebih simple dibanding persyaratan XAPO) :

    Lalu, tarrraaaainilah link ke empat aplikasi legit tersebut, daftarlah segera dan silakan jika sobat2 berkenan bisa memasukan kode referal masing2 aplikasi yg saya cantumkan agar langsung bisa dapat 500 point pertama, sebab jika tidak memasukan kode, sobat2 tidak akan mendapatkan point 500. Sayang kan. Silakan di klik yaaa :

    Ei. 1 :

    Kode referal ethereum button :

    Ei. 2 :

    Kode referal satoshi button :

    Khusus untuk app satoshi button, saat ini sedang under maintenance, jadi sabar aja ya sob.

    Ei. 3 :

    Kode referal bitcoin chaptha :

    Ei. 4 :

    Kode referal ethereum chaptcha :

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