Bitcoin on punainen Pill Me tarvetta erottaa rahaa & Osavaltio

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The end of money and state is coming, Bitcoin may just be the red pill moment for global society to make the shift.

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Kaikkea ilmaistu tässä mielestäni eikä virallista sijoitusneuvontaa – ota tehdä oma tutkimus ennen vaarantamatta omaa rahaa.

Tämä video saattaa sisältää tekijänoikeudella suojattua materiaalia, jonka käyttö ei aina erikseen tekijänoikeuden haltija. Tällainen materiaali on saatavilla tutkimus- tai tutkintoa varten. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' tällaisten tekijänoikeudella suojattua materiaalia säädetty § 107 Yhdysvaltain tekijänoikeuslakia. Osaston mukaisesti 17 U.S.C. jakso 107, Tämä video jaetaan voittoa, tutkimus- ja opetustarkoituksiin.

Kiitos katsomisesta; ole hyvä ja tykkää, merkitä, ja jakaa jos olet löytänyt tämän hyödyllisen!

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Bitcoin on punainen Pill Me tarvetta erottaa rahaa & Osavaltio

43 kommentit

  1. I love this guy. I like his style and very well educated sharing this to us. I always have a good feeling when watching him on this channel. Keep this going Crypto Lark. IRIE

  2. I think this is one of your best video’s. Fiat backed by debt is dead. Me, the blockchain universe, truly are part of a breakaway civilization. Long live the blockchains! 😉

  3. Totally, totally awesome xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    One of the several foundational advantages of Bitcoin is the fact that IS NOT BACKED BY
    A N Y T H I N G OTHER THAN what any two persons using it as the means with which to engage in any commercial exchange A G R E E WHAT VALUE IT WILL HAVE FOR THEM …………
    If I want to buy your car for 1/2 a Bitcoin and you agree then so be it ….. done ! You may do so because you believeon good hard evidencethat your half Bitcoin will increase in value and soon be worth a hundred cars.
    BTW nothing other than human goods and services ‘STORE’ arvo ….. not gold, not even Bitcoin. ‘A thing is only worth what someone else will give you for it’.
    OR how much of your very own blood, sweat, tears and EXPERTISE you yourself are ready, willing and able to put into its manufacture for your own personal enjoyment …………..

  4. “fiat currencies have underlying value because men with guns say they do.” Paul Krugman

    Amazingly he got something right and he was allowed to say it.

  5. Olla samaa mieltä. Study the history of money. Central Bank money is an the exception. Before 1913, money was privately issued by banks or Gold coin issued by the state. But the state couldn’t inflate unless they cheated the public. Soon the public woke up and discateded the debased coin. History of money.

    Copyright 2019, Renee La Chapelle

    🎶The Money-changers haven’t changed
    Put up new temples called the banks
    The Money-changers haven’t changed
    Breakin’ the rules, the name of their game..

    By the time you buy a house, could’ve bought ten
    Late on your taxes, the city ain’t your friend
    Nyt, that rent you’re payin’, you can’t afford
    And the Repo-man’s knockin’ down your door..

    The Money-changers haven’t changed
    Put up new temples called the banks
    The Money-changers haven’t changed
    Breakin’ the rules, the name of their game..

    Their father is the devil, their god is gold
    No different from the Pharisees of old
    Better buy Bitcoin, become your own bank
    ‘Cuz the economy, they’re sure to tank

    The Money-changers haven’t changed
    Put up new temples called the banks
    The Money-changers haven’t changed
    Breakin’ the rules, placin’ the blame..🎶

    Inspired by “The Crypto Lark” find him on Youtube! 🐦

  7. That is what the Founding Fathers of the United States had in mind with their ingenious Constitution, that defined a government with specifically PROSCRIBED and LIMITED powers. 250 years later it is being torn apart by assorted globalists, thieving, perpetually aggrieved race pigs, and deeply corrupt politicians.

  8. Read “stopanddecrypt’s” comment after his. Hers is much better and more positive. Mutta, Joo, even though Trump’s comment was negative regarding crypto, he is getting the word out in a weird sort of way.

  9. @mwolfod When States can no longer print money to buy weapons and pay thug enforcers, their power to do this fades like starving out a parasite. Have a blessed day!

  10. Joo, but the government controls more than just the currency, they control the education system to teach us to trust their money, they control companies to force them to pay taxes in fiat, and they successfully made fiat convenient like WhatsApp is for me vs a better messaging app like Telegram. Everyone uses fiat so it’s the most useful and liquid currency. Bitcoin needs more adoption to be liquid.

    But I’m rootinfor ya Bitcoin!

  11. @mwolfod Corruption comes naturally to governments.. the founding fathers hoped to inhibit this tendency with the Constitution, and they did a great job! I think the 9-11 event scared people so much they turned over their rights for security. Franklin said “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

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