Bitcoin & kryptovaluutta Uutiset – Reddit BTC, Oman XRP, and ICOs, and Airbus

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Bitcoin ja kryptovaluutta uutiset – Reddit and Bitcoin make up, Oman bank to use Ripple, ICO season, JP Morgan blockchain, Airbus seeking blockchain solutions and muc more.

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Reddit to Relaunch Bitcoin Payments (And Add More Cryptos)

JP Morgan

JPMorgan Seeks Patent for Blockchain-Powered Interbank Payments


JPMorgan Seeks Patent for Blockchain-Powered Interbank Payments






Charles Hoskinson



aelf forms Innovation Alliance to accelerate blockchain for business

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Bitcoin & kryptovaluutta Uutiset – Reddit BTC, Oman XRP, and ICOs, and Airbus

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  1. kiuru! You keep outdoing yourself. Watching your chats is my favorite pastime. You’re a great guy.

  2. Congratulations man….excellent channel. This is the first time I ever comment on Youtube, but had to tell you. Keep it going. Watching from Puerto Rico

  3. You’re going to remind me every week for the rest of my life I didn’t sign up to the Ontology newsletter aren’t youAren’t you. 😢 Best unintentional marketing move ever! 😁 Thanks for the updates brother.

  4. Achain is a monster coming china , with achain every single project can create its OWN blockchain, then achain will interconnect al these blockchains with achain being in the middle. Gonna be a massive ecosystem

  5. every time i watch ONT go up ..i cry everytime lol it’s the one that got away ..i wanted to sign up for the newsletter but too lazy didnt do it.. and then i bought ONT for $1.45 but sold it next day to buy ADA now ONT 6.5X ..i took some big L’s with ONT.

  6. 1k Ont air drop is now a 10k airdrop ,wow. couple years from now if held , could be 200k airdrop lolor more who knows,,why
    whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I not know bout this sign up ugh fml……May the Fork (4th) be with you NOSHAVETILL20K

  7. DdzFFzCqrht9SZd6DJ7fc97kmdAwRjnXU6auUTNXWFXGaFy7jW8MbsDvvC4jtAN3zpdx89vMDuzuRnu6FmzpRUBXHyTpHUoRkVbizsAX


  8. Cryptoes are bought with fiat.
    Fiat can be created by banks with a keyboard.
    How do you figure that cryptoes can’t be controlled ?
    They conjure up enough digits to buy it up then can put and call it to fleece the rest.

  9. Depends on the coinmany are moving to proof of stake which uses small amounts of energy. Bitcoin is the real question, yes it uses insane amounts of energy, but often in areas where there is over production and a big focus has been on renewable. For example chaep hydro in central russia

  10. Thanks for your answer, let’s hope you are right and they will change to more energy efficient forms and focus on renewables.

  11. Hei, one more question, maybe you know this: Does the trading with cryptos on Bittrex for example need a lot of energy too or only other kinds of transfers?

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