Bitcoin & kryptovaluutta Uutiset – Monsieur Bitcoin, Everyone Loves Blockchain, and the Bitcoin Cartel

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news French Minister loves Bitcoin, Everyone seems to be getting on the blockchain train, and the Bitcoin cartel and the dirty businesses behind it are one giant pile of stinking manure.


Tel-Aviv Exchange

HTC Blockchain Phone

JP Morgan

Amazon Consensys

French Monsieur Bitcoin

French Finance Minister Openly Expresses His Love for Cryptos and Blockchain




Omnitude Malta



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Bitcoin & kryptovaluutta Uutiset – Monsieur Bitcoin, Everyone Loves Blockchain, and the Bitcoin Cartel

29 kommentit

  1. The neurochain team met with the french minister of finance yesterday and had a discussion about the advantages about blockchain. Will you do a review on them, guess they deserve it for bringing the minister into the crypto space 🙂

  2. hei Lark! Thank you for the continues content stream! I watch these during breakfast.. Keep up the awesome work!

  3. if Steem is number 1 on technology…….looking great for EOS. Likely EOS will be far and clear number 1.

  4. Keep shining Lark your an inspiration for us all. Keep up the incredible service brother 0xb3a1ca71864EA060C7b483F4294ae6b75280C430

  5. Holy Schnikes! I read the Cartel article. 1 crazy thing I learned from the info about Greg Maxwell, Blockstream and the Mike Hearn letter is that a block increase to grow the network as adoption increasesseemsto always have been part of Satoshi’s original vision (still not BCash).

  6. Alabama would like to be on the Blockchain, so therefore, The Alabama Blockchain Coalition is coming for you. Look out!

  7. Omnitude is a sleeper ICO. The team is SMART with plenty of connections. They also partnered with an F1 racing team. Thank You for the always informative videos.

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