Bitcoin & kryptovaluutta Uutiset – ICO Profit 82%, Art on the Blockchain, & Kardashian Nakamoto

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Bitcoin ja kryptovaluutta uutiset – new study gives some interesting stats on ICO investing, fascinating blockchain art, Kim Kardashian teams up with Satoshi Nakamoto, Polish exchange flees to Malta, and updates galore.

NAC3 Link – $20 discount code is cryptolark

Art of Blockchain (thanks the artist for today's thumbnail)


Kuwait Ripple


bitbay: Poland’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange Announces Move to Malta

Kim Kardashian

IOTA Trinity

Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic Claims Successful Blockchain Fork




Icon Trive

ICON and venture firm TRIVE partner to build SE Asia blockchain potential

Elastos Hashworld

Elastos Meta Union

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Kiitos katsomisesta; ole hyvä ja tykkää, merkitä, ja jakaa jos olet löytänyt tämän hyödyllisen!

Bitcoin & kryptovaluutta Uutiset – ICO Profit 82%, Art on the Blockchain, & Kardashian Nakamoto

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  1. Great video as always. Watching you every day from Europe. Keep up with great work and put more stuff on steemit :). HooooodieMe 😀

  2. the trinity mobile wallet allows you to withdraw 3 hitunen, i believe. much better than the last wallet.

  3. The Crypto Lark jk! Hopefully it works fine. I never got into iota , but I am interested in hearing about their progress

  4. The new (beta) IOTA mobile wallet is, as far as I can see, the best on the market right now. Haven’t tried to send or withdraw yet, but according to reports from other users the throughput-speed is fast (and of course fee-less).

  5. Trinity wallet is amazing, been sending funds to and from friends today testing, fast and zero fees 👌

  6. Send me that hoodie and i will tell you all about me, Kim and Satoshi teaming up to write scientific papers.

  7. looks OK but I still have 6 IOTA lost from the old wallet. when the key was shorted. the address show the deposti, but it does not show it leaving the wallet and I could never attached that transactions so it is lost. with that said. no way I would trust IOTa with my money. I like investing, making money, I wold buy it at a exchange but to risk my money with IOTA no way

  8. I’d love to have one of favourite teams (aallot )hoodie 👍. Thank you for your diligence💪📈.
    Tried to find new iota app,link not on their Medium or even official website🤷🏽‍♂️. It’s like pressing gas and breaks at the same time when company tells about new thing which people can’t get 😂 . Big opportunity for fraudsters give their own Iota wallets to download for ordinary Joel 😳. I never had any issues with old iota wallet anyways 🤓.
    Next news about cooperation of Santa and Satoshi 😂.

  9. I’d love a waves hoodie it’s just my colour!
    BTW I just got that the intro is you taking bitcoin to the moon!!! God I’m thick. Took me a few watches before it clicked in my blonde brain haha. Love it. ☮️🙏🏻☮️

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