Bitcoin & kryptovaluutta Uutiset – Chile Regulations, LG Blockchain, & Coinbase Courts Big Money

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Bitcoin ja kryptovaluutta uutiset – Chile Central Bank calls for regulations, LG makes Monachain blockchain, Japan bank to issue own crypto, bit partnership news, and much more.


LG BlockchainMonachain

Japan Bank

Bitcoin Chile


Bitcoin Cash

True USD

PundiX Wanchain

VeChain Partnership



The SEC Just Launched a Fake ICO Website to Educate Investors

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Bitcoin & kryptovaluutta Uutiset – Chile Regulations, LG Blockchain, & Coinbase Courts Big Money

26 kommentit

  1. Nah, I still think privacy coins will be worth more than banks own coins. Bank coin future worth 1 varten 1. Privacy coin future worth 1 varten 1,000.

  2. The motor neurone disease association (MNDA) could do with some crypto love Lark!

    My dad lost his battle with MND last year and their charities are in desperate need of funds for research.

    Thanks for the vid

  3. I wonder if there is a puppet master bank pulling the strings on which bank says yes and which bank says no to currencies. SEC; 😂. Awesome as always. Aloha Lark.

  4. Zcash is coolhmm the world of banks is so interesting, who knows what they are up to, pros and cons to everything, anyways good video sincerely a loyal follower JR of Exciting World Cryptos

  5. Kiitos, kiuru! This is a bit nationally biased, but one of the charities in my Will is the Nature Conservancy of Canada, whomprotects areas of natural diversity for their intrinsic value and for the benefit of our children and grandchildren.Not sexy, but very necessary.

  6. Banks or countries issuing their own cryptocurrency can still inflate it and increase supply. There is no a single reason for people to get into that.

  7. Egypt Equine Aidcharity started by an Australian couple. Been following them since they started and they’ve done it tough out there, sold up to get the money tonstart it but are making a huge difference to the lives of horses and donkeys in Egypt that literally get worked to death. They are treated like machinery, in fact the locals take more care of machinery. A great charity ❤️

  8. hei Lark .. Have you checked out justdiggit.orgthey are about restoring biodiversity and deforestation.. They use a very simple but proven method by digging sort of like canals where (when it finally rains) the water doesnt just dissapear but stays a little longer, giving the wildlife and plants a little bit of time to grow back in deforsted areas.. i personally also give to them every month and hope many more people will! At least.. Tarkista se! Thanks so much!

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