Bitcoin & kryptovaluutta Uutiset – Bitcoin Extinction and Price Predictions, & Kiina

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Bitcoin ja kryptovaluutta uutiset – Shiller predicts the extinction of Bitcoin, price predictions, Lympo makes a big partnership with the Dallas Mavericks, the Chinese President bullish in blockchain tech, and much more.

Bitcoin Extinction

BTC price

Huobi Brazil


Hong Kong

Hong Kong Official Rules Out Plan for Central Bank Digital Currency

Vermont Blockchain

Vermont Governor Signs Bill Clearing Way for Blockchain Companies

Poland Flip Flop

XRP Bank Heist

Hackers Demand $1 Million in XRP After Bank Data Theft

Token Risks

Disillusioned Token Investors Demand Real Talk About Risk

Beat Headphones







Chinese President Bullish on Blockchain

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Bitcoin & kryptovaluutta Uutiset – Bitcoin Extinction and Price Predictions, & Kiina

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25 kommentit

  1. Very funny. Love the sarcasm about Shiller (not a bitcoin shiller). He’s a bright dude, but much like the Oracle of Omaha, he can’t see the forest for the trees.

  2. It’s a very simple proposition really with Btc. Will it be used primarily as a store of value? Will it be the new digital gold {something that is outside the system and carries no counter-party risk}. IF it is only used for that purpose and can claim half the Gold market say in 10-15 vuotta {or sooner} then you are looking at roughly $200 000 per bitcoin @circulating supply of 17m. Gold is a $7 biljoonaa markkinoiden. IF it can scale and can also be used as a payment system {Currency} then there’s about $100 trillion of market cap up for grabs. based on current m2 supply. IF it can NOT achieve either then it has no adoption and is basically worthlessan intrinsic value of 0 Todella. I like the odds however of at least achieving status as a secure & sound store of value outside the current corrupt, inefficient, unfair & dying system of Fiat. $230 trillion of debt and counting, elites getting first use of the dirty fiat, whilst real wages & the middle classes slowly get ground into the dust. Ever wondered why asset prices have gone up 100’s of % viimeisessä 10 years and real wages have fallen? Ei? Hyvin 98% of people can’t figure it out eitherit’s theft by stealth and the low lifes that run this cartel are very good at it. Sooner rather than later however, the tide will go out, asset prices will crumble and the middle/lower classes will be where they’re at todayexcept even worse off. When the tide goes out, the Central Banks & the corrupt governments of this world will have no clothes….Se”ll be too late then. Only those that have the foresight to invest in asset classes outside of this doomed & corrupt system will prosper, be that in Gold, Oil, Agriculture or Bitcoin.

  3. The human race could be extinct by 2118! Almost anything could happen in the next 100 vuotta, so those kinds of predictions are meaningless.

    Muuten, I like the new intro Lark.

  4. It has its problems, they are not insurmountable, just like Ethereum cannot scale YET. kuitenkin, one undeniable truth is that it remains the most SECURE & Sound Money of all the other alternatives…9 years in thewildtends to do that. You can have your so called 1m TPS networks out there with all their bells & whistles….the recent 51% attacks with Verge, BTC Gold, & others is only a portent of things to come with theseBells & whistles” kolikot. Running around like chooks with their heads cut off, whilst their so called networks are a security shambles in the making. Yeh….1m TPS, something Vitaik & BTC Devs {some of the brightest minds in the space} are still working onit’s just that easy. Security comes first in any “kolikko” attempting to become a new currency….Cart firstthen Horse.

  5. Nice videonews as allways! You keep it easy to digest in such a way, that I like to listen to You while workingand still get out with knowing the news 👍. I like the new intro btw :-).

  6. I totally agree, nobody can predict the price of Bitcoinif enough people do it then someone is bound to be right! 🙂


  7. Ethereum needs to move to PoS to become secure, and how is that going? PoW can so easily be overpowered, and now when there are financial instrument to short cryptos, there is an extra incentive to try to double spend in PoW-coins.

    Right now, the safest coin is IOTA in the way that their coordinator has to (indirectly) confirm every transaction, so as long as the IOTA Foundation isn’t trying to destroy IOTA, it is secured beyond any possible attack. Of course this is against the idea of decentralization, but people should start to think outside of the box. PoW in BTC etc is broken, and different forms of PoS are just maybe safe. The future IOTA will use PoW from ASICs in devices and unlike BTC where PoW is rewarded with Bitcoins, so the value of doing the PoW will vary with the BTC price, the IOTA PoW is done per transaction. So unless you buy up or build unrealistic amounts of IOTA ASICs to destroy IOTA and thus making your ASICs worthless, you can’t attack the network.

  8. Just a heads up we have our first huge institutional bank to start trading crypto last monday LMAX Exchange! They average $4T a year. Thats just a start and the ceo of that company said they haveunprecedented demandon FOX Business

  9. It is silly to think that, with such speed of tech dev and how fast Humanity is expanding awareness of Consciousness, sisään 2118 we would be playing with bits computation or more be playing with money idea.
    Sometimes I think we cryptos are in mental stupid bubble.

  10. Love the intro. Epic! the Robert Shiller guy is funny. Crypto is going nowhere, bitcoin is going nowhere. Privacy will forever be in vogue so privacy coins like DeepOnion are definitely going nowhere because of their relevance to the real world.

  11. POW in BTC is broken??? Correct me if I’m wrong but can you point to a successful 51% attack on the BTC network in the 9 years it’s been out there? I didn’t think so. The bells & whistles brigade like Verge, BTC Gold etc, to my understanding, had 2-3 separate algorithms under their POW code. IOTA ? Yeh well, I’ve owned a bit of that in the past but sold out when they couldn’t even managed to get a functioning, secure wallet developed. Trust they’ve at least managed to do that by now. Nothing against any other coins but until I see a POS, DPOS, POW {many algos} on a platform that can remain secure for at least a decent length of time, then I remain neutral. Btc has its problems. I’m no Btc maximalist, but please don’t tell me the Btc POW Sha 256 algorithm isbroken”….not as far as SECURITY is involved.

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