Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market Price is Crashing, Miksi? BTC & Crypto Uutiset

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Bitcoin ja kryptovaluutta uutiset – why is the crypto market crashing? Goldman Sachs pulling out? Silk Road dump? And why all of this is just temporary, bullish news incoming. High times still wants Bitcoin, and Queensland goes crypto.

Goldman Sachs


Silk Road Bitcoin

Abra ETF


Canada Bitcoin

Canadian Ghost Town Gambles on Bitcoin for a New Chance at Life


Ether Futures


Queensland Token


high Times

High Times Now Says It’s Accepting Crypto Payments For Its IPO


Ledger EOS


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Kiitos katsomisesta; ole hyvä ja tykkää, merkitä, ja jakaa jos olet löytänyt tämän hyödyllisen!

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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market Price is Crashing, Miksi? BTC & Crypto Uutiset

30 kommentit

  1. hi Lark, Funfair has been granted with Curacao License and will go live this month. Please share the news.

  2. Its called a LONG TERM bear market. I don’t think there’s any mystery to it. Short term rises & falls are to be expected but until BTC can clear 12K, imo the bear market stands.

  3. #Goldmansach FudsBinance is earning Billions of dollars from Cryptocurrency trading commissions… NASDAQ, NYSE wants injust common sense !!!

  4. Ensimmäinen 20 seconds of this video I’m laughing so hard !!!!😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. my friend today he just discovered that he has 4 bitcoins since 2016 and he totally forgot about them
    he almost died because happiness . he is about to be married

  6. Sorry guys. I added to my portfolio yesterday. Every time I buy more crypto the market tanks, I should have warned everyone. My bad. The good news is I can’t afford to buy any more for a while now, so maybe we’ll see a rally 🙂

  7. Good show as usual Yep! Long term we’re better off without ‘Goldman Sachs’. Expecting $100 billion BTC marketcap to hold!

    (As regards recent Shapeshift regulation news, won’t Atomic swops mean they will be bypassed?)

  8. I wish Colin Cantrell would take the ETF forward to the Sec.. Soo much good nexus news.. decentralized internet here we come! Great vid Lark

  9. Controversy and headlines and volatility get us more attention so it’s all good in the long run.

  10. i can wait until 2019 tai 2020 for a good run. Let’s just hope the markets go somewhat sideways, and BTC don’t fall too far so altcoins won’t get completely drained lol.

  11. then again if altcoins get drained this year, and they bounce back in a future Bitcoin bullrun the gains would be astronomical.

  12. Thats my thesis. Most have dropped 90% since JanI think theyve got another 30-50% drop left to go. I’ll be laddering in 30% down from current levels for a long term hold

  13. First time viewer, I stopped watching the crypto schmucks of YouTube (Bix Weird in particular), but I like your format a lot, good info, entertaining, and this video wasn’t overly lengthy as you steamroll through it all at a good pace.

  14. Glad u mentioned the Keppel island sale (Kiitos!). This strangely enough has been plugged & pumped heavily on aged mainstream investment TV & radio programs such as 3AW aged money shows & elderly audience cable TV finance programs. I am astounded at the extensive mainstream marketing of this project, visible to places where the word Bitcoin might as well be a four letter word for fornication. Therefore it really is helping to integrate Crypto with mainstream adoption in a very tangible way. As a symptom the success or failure of this project will have a massive impact on mainstream and ‘old moneysentiment long term (in Aus). Like it or hate itits success or failure will have a very long term influence on crypto sentiment. Either dooming it or paving the way for a new type of investment or altcoin future.

  15. It really has no change on my position. I’m not expecting institutions for awhile. Lots of great mining info lately. Lol.. they spelled rekt wrong. 😂 Nice NAV competition for sure.

  16. Jesus coin! Get on board early.
    People say it’s a joke, well yeh but so was dogecoin! sain 6500000 coins for $80

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